Works for Me Wednesday: Snack Cup Ideas

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Today’s WFMW post is probably not a new idea to many of you and wasn’t for me either. It was, however, an idea that I’d forgotten about until my lunch dilemma post a couple of weeks ago. Once the suggestions started coming in, this idea was jiggled loose in my brain, so I dusted it off and began using it again, much to my kids’ delight!

It is…are you ready? Individual dessert cups! I bought the big boxes of pudding and Jell-O for just under a dollar, a jar of applesauce, and some 1/2 cup reusable bowls. (I actually have four little Tupperware snack bowls that I love, but four wasn’t enough.) On the weekends, I make up individual servings of pudding or Jell-O and stick them in the fridge to be pulled out for lunch desserts through the week.

The applesauce I just usually do as it’s requested since it’s simple. However, it’s not just your average, ordinary applesauce straight out of the jar. Oh, no…this cool mom does “character” applesauce. 😉 As you know, we homeschool now, but my older daughter was in public school for Kindergarten and first grade and she wanted Blues Clues applesauce or Clifford applesauce or Rugrats or whatever the current obsession was.

Have you seen the prices on those things? For applesauce with some food coloring?? So, I convinced her that I was a way cool mom who could make any of that at home. She was skeptical, but willing to withhold judgement. I bought a big jar of applesauce, brought it home, poured some into a bowl and added a few drops of food coloring. The verdict?

….drum roll….

“Bleck! It’s not the same!”

Me: What’s different?

Brianna: I don’t know, but this isn’t good.

So, I added a teaspoon of sugar. Voila! Character applesauce! She used to take it to school all the time and loved it. Still to this day, she prefers food coloring in her applesauce, even though she knows it doesn’t alter the taste at all.

Hey, I’m okay with that. It’s still a healthy snack.

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