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So, last night (technically, since it was before midnight and it’s now after midnight and I’m probably never going to be able to sleep) I’m snuggled in with Megan reading Little House on the Prairie (which I tried to read to all the kids a couple of years ago and they were not impressed, but which Megan now loves), when the phone rang.  Yeah, I’ll wait a minute while you reread that sentence and try to make sense of it.

So, Megan and I are reading when the phone rings.  I figured someone would answer it, but no.  So, a couple of minutes later, it rings again.  The answering machine picked up while we’re all scrambling around trying to figure out where, exactly, the phone is — the joys of cordless phones.  So, then, my cell phone rings.  By this time, I’m figuring somebody in my extended family has died or is in the hospital.

So, I get the cell phone answered and, thanks to a stellar connection — or maybe it’s my new cell phone, which is great for texting, but not so impressive for talking — I could hear the person on the other end saying my name and other stuff, but I had no idea what the other stuff is.  I’m listening for the bad news.  I finally understand that it is Jolanthe, of Homeschool Creations, and Jenn of Daze of Adventure.  They’re telling me to sit down.  Then, they’re telling me that I’m going to The Relevant Conference!!!

Wow!  Just, wow!  I don’t know how or where they got a ticket.  They said it was a God thing.  My head is still spinning.  I have wanted to go to this conference since I first heard about it, but I didn’t have any luck getting a sponsor and knew I couldn’t afford it without sponsorship.  I’ve entered dozens of contests to win a ticket, with no luck.

Now, I have a ticket.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do about travel expenses and hotel accommodations, but Brian has assured me that we’ll make it work.  This will, most likely, be a one-time opportunity for me and I love that it’s a faith-based conference.  I’ve never been to a Christian women’s conference or a blogging conference, so now I’ve got the opportunity to go to both all wrapped up in one great conference.

If you’d like to help me cover expenses through sponsorship, I’d love to discuss the details with you.  You can view my original sponsorship page for details.  If you feel inclined to donate a little tad of change, you can even do that with my sincere gratitude.  If you want to visit Jolanthe and Jenn and tell them how awesome you think they are, that would be cool.  If you’d pray for me that I can get all the details worked out, I’d be honored and humbled because, I’ll be honest, right now I think I may be more terrified than excited.  If you’d like to teach me how to do a cartwheel, we can discuss that, too.

Wow.  Just wow.

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  1. Congrats!! God will work out all the details and you will have a blast. I think it would be awesome to go to a conference like that and I know you will enjoy it!

  2. So happy for you! I pray you will be blessed and truly be inspired by this amazing and awesomely wonderful God experience!

  3. Kris I am so excited for you!! Yay! Praying you get all the details worked out smoothly. I can't wait to hear about it! ((hugs))

  4. Amazing!! I am so happy for you 🙂 I can't wait to see what God does with this. I hope you'll share all about it when you get back!

  5. Congratulations! I'm excited that you were blessed by this opportunity and will be praying that all the details fall into place for you.

  6. Kris I was ecstatic when I heard this, I could just cry I'm so happy for you! And it's not too terribly far from me so even if I don't get to go to Relevant, I'm going to try my best to get to the hotel, march into the lobby, grab a quick IRL hug and photo. CONGRATS!!!

  7. Yeah! I'm so happy that you have the opportunity to go to this conference. It sounds like it will be WONDERFUL!!

    May the Lord bless you and your time meeting and visiting with other bloggers.

  8. Wow, that is so, so awesome!! I will be praying the everything works out with all the details. Congrats!!


  9. Kris- That is awesome!! That is literally 30 minutes from where we used to live. If we did still lived there you would have been staying at my house. I know those details will all work out! Excited for you!

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