Yes, You CAN Homeschool High School

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It may seem intimidating but you CAN homeschool high school. Try Sara’s tips to help ease your anxiety and build your confidence to homeschool high school.

Written by Sara Jordan Panning of Heart and Soul Homeschooling

For most people, the first homeschooling year and the high school years are the most intimidating. We are the most nervous at the beginning of a journey and the end of it.

When we begin, we’re a bundle of nerves because we want to be sure we start strong. On the verge of high school, we realize that finishing strong is equally essential. Yet, we question our ability. We wonder how we can teach subjects without expertise in more advanced high school courses.

You CAN Homeschool High School

It’s somewhat easier to put the early years’ fears to rest because we know we can teach colors, numbers, and other basics.

When it comes to high school, reassurance doesn’t come quite so quickly. But consider this: you don’t have to be an expert in everything, you just have to be good at seeking out resources. There are plenty of resources online and offline to aid your high schooler’s success.

Even knowing that, we sometimes continue to have concerns because we have a vested interest in our children’s success. Here are five tips that can help calm your fears as you enter the high school years.

5 Tips for Homeschooling High School

Document Courses

To aid in assembling yearly transcripts, take a moment to write a summary of each course as you assign it. Keep records of field trips, extra-curricular activities, contests, etc. Do this regularly throughout the year to keep track of credits and build a high school transcript. Generally speaking, a one-year long course is one credit, and a one-semester course is a ½ credit.

Choose the Right Courses

Check your state homeschooling laws to see if any minimum requirements pertain to homeschoolers. Keep in mind that graduation requirements for public school children may or may not be the same for homeschool students. Usually, homeschoolers have far more freedom in choosing classes and assigning credits. If you have a college-bound teen, then look up a few target colleges and check admission requirements to give you a general idea of what colleges are looking for.

Become a Student Yourself

Sit alongside your teen and learn with him. You do not need to know everything to learn together. Use this time to enhance your relationship, indulge in your love of learning, and model being a student. Spending time researching together will teach your child learning and studying skills.

Provide a Schedule

Print off daily or weekly schedules for your teen or let your teens create their own. When your student knows exactly what to do each day, she will become more independent and efficient.

You CAN Homeschool High School

Make room for Interest-Based Learning

High school is a time for your teen to discover her talents and interests. Don’t get so caught up in credits that your teen misses this time of discovery. Allow for classes and independent study based on a subject that interests your teen. Anything from car repair to cake decorating, as long as it allows your teen to explore her talents and possible future path.

My oldest daughter just graduated from our homeschool. I’ll admit that I was concerned about the high school years at first. Let me tell you, they go quickly! However, they are very rewarding years. It was a privilege to watch her blossom into an intelligent and capable young woman. The time we invested together in interest-based learning has paid off. She’s now taking courses online to become a certified web developer. She is looking forward to the future with confidence and an eagerness to keep learning!

Have you homeschooled high school? Add your best tip in the comments!

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Sara Jordan is a homeschooling mom of three creative girls. They believe in literature-rich learning with living books. Relaxed, delight-directed learning is their approach so they follow interests and explore ideas to encourage a lifelong love of learning. Their emphasis is on nurturing creativity, curiosity, character, and connection. Sara is an author/speaker/consultant who loves to inspire other homeschool moms on her blog, Heart and Soul Homeschooling, and with the resources she creates in the Heart and Soul Homeschooling shop. You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

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