Weekly Wrap-Up: The one in which I’m still reeling from the shock that it’s July already

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve had an amazing week. Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t believe that it’s July already. The summer is going by so fast!

It occurred to me earlier this week that if we’re going to maintain the school schedule that we’ve had for the last 2 or 3 years, we’d have to start school next week. Next week. That is so not happening. None of us are ready to start school. Josh had already asked me if we could take a longer school break this year.

We’ll probably start the last week of the month. Josh has a driver’s ed course that week that I’d planned to give him school credit for, so I’ll probably go ahead and have Megan start then, too.


This never happens. Luna (the cat in front) hates Gus. I mean, seriously, she despises him. It was over so quickly that I only got two shots with my good camera. Before I could get a photo on my phone for Instagram, she’d already turned and given him the death stare. He quickly vacated the dog bed before he got smacked. He is very much the lover-not-a-fighter sort.

So, the first big highlight of my week is the fact that we sold our van on Monday! After I got my new (to me) Ford Edge two years ago, Brianna drove the van for about a year. Then, Brian’s parents passed down their newer used Honda with a lot less miles, so she started driving that. We saved the van, thinking Josh would drive it, but he’s either been driving Brian’s car or the Honda.

We decided we were tired of paying insurance on the van for it to just sit there, so we spent last Saturday cleaning it up, taking photos, and getting it ready to sell. It sold on Monday!


We probably should have asked more for it, but we listed it at a little under the Blue Book value because it burns oil and the air doesn’t work. We were willing to take a bit less than that. Someone offered what we were expecting to get for it, so we took it.

We talked about it afterward and both agreed that, based on how quickly it sold, we probably could have gotten more for it, but we both felt that it went to someone who really needed it and that it would be a good, dependable car for its new owner. We agreed that we both felt good about it. That’s all that matters.

The second highlight was Wednesday when my Fair Trade Friday box came a day or two earlier than expected. **Spoiler Alert:** If you’re a part of Fair Trade Friday and like to be surprised about what’s in the box, quit reading because I’m about to post pictures.

Fair Trade Friday Club Collage

top image courtesy of Fair Trade Friday

Every month I think that I can’t possibly love this month’s box as much as I loved last month’s…and each month I’m proven wrong! I absolutely loved this month’s box. It contained:

  • A gorgeous, hand-carved wooden photo frame from Village Artisan in India
  • A stunning paper bead necklace from Caring for Korah in Ethiopia (I really think they’re trying to make me quit saying that I’m not really a jewelry person, because I have just loved all the jewelry pieces lately.)
  • A fabric headband that I’ll actually wear (I’m usually not crazy about headbands) from Timbali in Swaziland (You really need to go read their story.)
  • A reusable drawstring bag (Love the drawstring bags!) from Friends of Mercy in Kenya (not pictured)

Gorgeous, gorgeous goodies! Megan tried to make fun of me for being so excited, but she had to admit that this month’s goodies were really incredible.

I think that’s it for me this week. We’ll get back to school-related wrap-ups in a few weeks. Right now, we’re just determined to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. If you need something more homeschool-themed to get you through the week, check out my article at About.com, 4 Life Skills to Teach Kids this Summer to Make the School Year Easier.

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