Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with gymnastics team practice, prodigal cats, and car problems

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Halloween! Of course, with a houseful of teens now, it’s pretty much just your average Friday. My oldest is working, the boy doesn’t have any plans (to my knowledge, but that can change abruptly), and the plans of the youngest fell through, so she’s just going to gymnastics. I offered to buy her a bag of candy.

Both Megan and Josh have Halloween parties to go to tomorrow, so they’re really not too concerned about being too big for trick-or-treating. (Though I trick-or-treated until I was 16, but don’t tell anyone – it was free candy, y’all!) Megan is a little concerned about the free candy opp.

What’s funny is, of the three of them, the 19 year old is the one who’s had occasion to dress up several times already. She was Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, twice this week in the costume she made herself – with no pattern.


So, for all of you who don’t follow my Facebook page, I have some very happy news – two pieces of very happy news actually. First, my girl made the gymnastics team! She’s gone from two one-hour practices a week to three three-and-a-half hour practices. It’s a huge change, but she loves it.


Second, my sister called me last Saturday to tell me that she had just spoken to a lady who had found a cat that sounded like Not Gus. Megan and I went to see – and it was him! He was about a mile from home and had been missing just over a week. It was a very happy reunion.

happy reunion

Brian and I had slept with our window open last Friday night and we could hear the coyotes in the woods. I told him, “That poor cat never stood a chance.” We we so very relieved to find him. And, he has been very, very happy to be home.

happy cat

I saw the cutest idea online this week – gooey monster cookies. I modified the idea a bit and made Mike Wazowski cookies. They turned out cute, but I wish I could have found a bigger candy eye.

monster cookies

From the “does this happen to other people or is it just us” files : Wednesday, Brianna went outside to get in her car and leave for school. She was back seconds later to tell me that she had shut her car door, heard a load pop, and her back window just shattered and caved it. Seriously, it just imploded.

broken window

We couldn’t get an appointment to get it fixed until the next day, so we pulled her car in the garage overnight. Brian, who usually parks in the garage, was going to park his car in our very steep driveway. When he put on the emergency brake, he heard a pop – the brake cable broke.

Yep, two car issues in one day. Does this happen to other people? And, of course, his wasn’t an insurance thing and the window costs less to replace than the deductible, so this is all out of pocket. Fun times, y’all.

Amongst gymnastics team practice, prodigal cats, and car problems, we did do a regular week of school, but it wasn’t nearly as interesting as life this week. I think I’m ready to go back to mundane.

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