Planning Tools, Electives Resources, and Teaching Tools for the 2015 Homeschool Year

Today is our first day of school in which both of my students are at home for, you know, home school. We had a couple of weeks to ease back in – though, Josh might not agree that four 8-hour days of driver’s ed qualifies as “easing in.”

I’m ready, though. I’ve got my whole year outlined in my planner, save for electives, which I’ll add in later since we aren’t starting them right away. Kind of impressive, huh? I have never before planned out an entire year of school and I never had any desire to until I read Blueprint Homeschooling, by Amy Knepper.

Amy’s step-by-step approach, working from the big picture down to the small details, made the idea of a planning a whole year not only doable, but appealing. As I shared in my review a few weeks ago, Blueprint Homeschooling is full of practical, easy-to-implement advice for newbie and veteran homeschooling parents alike. We’re starting our 13th year and I picked up tips.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you that…

It’s baaack. No, not my spider, Charlotte – though she’s back, too. It’s the 2015 Omnibus sale – the original homeschool bundle sale. Wait! Don’t run screaming from the room. I’m not going to hound you with sale ads all week, but I do want to tell you what you’ll find in this year’s bundle – and one of the most exciting things to me that you’ll find in this year’s bundle is Blueprint Homeschooling!

iHomeschool Network's 4th annual Omnibus sale • the original homeschool bundle


I can’t even tell you how excited I was to find the book that I found so helpful is included in this massive digital library of over 120 titles and an insane list of bonus resources!

Not only that, but if I knew how to do a cartwheel, I would have done one when I discovered that this year’s bundle also includes an American Sign Language course valued at $97!! If you’ve read my blog awhile, you’ve probably heard me mention that I really, really want to learn ASL as my kids’ foreign language credit (many colleges around here accept it as such, some don’t, so check on the specifics at your schools).

The course includes an ebook with 2 lessons, more than 45 videos, practice sheets, and quizzes. It’s for grades 2 through adult, but to me learning ASL is like learning to read or write – it is what it is, no matter how old you are. I’m very excited to try it out for an elective this year.

Other titles in the bundle that excite me as a mom to homeschooled teens are:

  • Bringing Computer Science to Your Classroom (MP3) by Chris Yust
  • Budget Basics for Kids and Teens (MP3) by Lynn Schott (I might add this one to our personal finance course.)
  • College Admissions for the Homeschooler (MP3) by Kendra Fletcher
  • College Alternatives for Homeschool Graduates (MP3) by T.K. Coleman
  • College Prep – Is Writing on Track (MP3) by Kim Kautzer
  • Facing the Giant – Homeschooling Through High School (MP3) by Terri Johnson
  • Homeschooling High School: It’s not as Hard as You Think by Meredith Henning
  • Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way (MP3) by Sheila Carroll
  • Upper Level Math – Why Kids Need it and How You Can Facilitate It (MP3) by Alesia Blackwood

As you can see, there are lots of MP3s in this year’s bundle, which is really nice for busy moms. That means I can listen while I fix supper or wash dishes – multitasking at its best.

And, moms of littles, don’t get the wrong idea. There is plenty in this year’s bundle for you, too! The 2015 Omnibus also includes:

  • Complete preschool curriculum (more than one!)
  • Notebooking pages
  • Bible study
  • E-books covering nearly every subject, including: geography, language arts, math, science, and ecology
  • Notebooking pages, activity guides, and hands-on learning ideas
  • Art and music

Goodies just for the teaching parent include:

  • A variety of planners and planning tools
  • Homeschool encouragement
  • Scheduling guides
  • Guides for homeschooling kids with special needs

There is really way too much to try to cover without worrying about missing something. Take a peek at all that’s included in the bundle with this handy, full-color flip book.

The 2015 sale only lasts until August 9. There are no extensions and no exceptions, so order today or stick sticky notes all over your house and set a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget, because I really do promise not to hound you.