Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with sunshine, emerging routines, and vocabulary cards

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! The sun is shining and, even though it’s a little cold for this Georgia girl, that makes me happy.

Life in workbook world is, well, a bit boring on this end, but the kids are doing okay. I think they might be starting to get in a routine with the workbooks and they seem to be managing their time a bit better – after threats (not the empty kind) that they would have to sit at the dining room table and do their schoolwork under my supervision if they continued to bring me incomplete assignments.


This picture was from an assignment testing Josh’s powers of observation. I was to put 25 random items on a tray, let him look at it for 10 seconds, then see how many he could list.

That’s one thing I recall really driving me crazy from the math workbook days – finally psyching myself up to check the day’s work only to find that it hadn’t all been done. I mean, it’s fill-in-the-blanks. If there are empty blanks, it’s not complete. Don’t bring me work to check that’s incomplete.

Rant over. You’re welcome.

If you know my fondness for finding multiple uses for index cards, it may not surprise you to learn that the vocabulary words have already left the workbook world. I suggested to the kids on Monday that they write their vocabulary words on index cards (word on the front/definition on the back) to create an easy study tool and eliminate the need to flip back and forth from the glossary to the page with the words and the blank lines for definitions.

I really encouraged them to use Quizlet. It seemed like more fun to me, but apparently they’re paper-and-pencil type kids.


I’m not the only one enjoying the sun. Peanut cracks me up squeezing himself in that tiny basket intended for the cats.

I also included a study period on Josh and Megan’s lesson plan sheets (the “basic unlabled” is my favorite), hoping the visual reminder would cue the fact that education is not a “read it once and move on” kind of thing. We’ll see if their weekly quizzes reflect success on that reminder.

In case you missed it earlier this week, I’m conducting a reader survey. I’m probably going to close the form tomorrow, so if you haven’t weighed in yet, please do so. I’ve really enjoyed reading through all the responses so far.

A suggestion from one respondent was to ask everyone to include ages/grade levels in your Weekly Wrap-Up titles. I know there may not be enough space for that, but I thought it was a great suggestion that might be really helpful for a lot of people. What do you think? If you’re game, I’d love for you to give it a try this week and see how it works.

I also saw several comments from people who’d like to see List-It Tuesday back up and running. What do you think? Any list lovers out there?


Our house is full of lazy creatures.

While our Sunday is jam-packed this week, our Friday and Saturday don’t look too bad. That means this introvert is getting ready to enjoy some downtime. Enjoy your weekend!

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