Hands-on Learning

Are you tired of textbooks?
Are your children bored with their schoolwork?  Are YOU bored with their schoolwork?

Is homeschooling just one more thing you have to do?

Bring the excitement back to your homeschool with Hands-On Learning: Cross-Curricular Projects to Make Learning Come Alive!

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What others are saying:

I instantly fell in love with her reading bingo cards, they are a fun reward system that will encourage your child to get on board with reading.” – Cheryl, Somewhat Crunchy

Kris has a way of making hands-on projects accessible for even the craft-challenged.  I love the way that she provides a step-by-step process for each project, as well as clear instructions.  Thanks for such a wonderful resource!
– Angie, Many Little Blessings

Hands-On Learning is a collection of some of the best project tutorials, games, and hands-on learning fun from Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, expanded and organized into an easy-to-access, at your finger-tips e-Book. Featuring a clickable table of contents for the ultimate ease-of-use, Hands-On Learning is the project-packed punch you need to bring your homeschool from weary to wow!

Based on my 9 years of homeschooling experience, I’ll show you how to:

  • Easily incorporate hands-on learning in your homeschool with minimal planning
  • Adapt the learning games and projects to benefit your preschoolers to your high-schoolers
  • Plan hands-on fun that your whole homeschool group can enjoy
  • Use games and projects to enhance every area of study – from reading and spelling to history and math
  • Brain-storm ideas for projects to include based on your existing curriculum

Included in this 54-page e-book are 10 full-color, step-by-step tutorials for projects such as:

  • Paper mache models
  • Salt dough maps
  • Cookie dough maps
  • Learning centers
  • Homeschool group fairs
  • Knights’ swords and shields

As an added bonus, Hands-On Learning provides printable resources, dozens of games ideas, and an extensive list of hands-on ideas for any age and any subject!

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Add Hands-On Learning to your homeschool and watch learning come alive!


**Hands-On Learning is a PDF file and requires a PDF reader to download and view. Adobe Reader can be downloaded free for desktop devices or as a free app for mobile devices.**


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