10 Clues You Might be a Homeschool Dad

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We’ve covered how to tell if you’re a homeschool kid or a homeschool parent. This one is specifically for dads! I know there are plenty of homeschool dads who are the teaching parent, but this one is for all those dads who are the primary financial backers and moral support for the moms who are teaching their kids at home. See if any of these sound familiar.

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10 Clues You Might Be a Homeschool Dad

1. Some of the other guys at work take sick days, but not you. You take field trip days.

2. You’ve eaten a science project – on purpose or accidentally.

3. You’ve actually been the school project.

4. You’ve avoided trimming the hedges for several months so as not to disturb Charlotte or some other member of the arachnid or insect family because somebody is claiming it’s science or nature study.


5. You’ve been on the excavation team of an archaeological dig –  in your backyard.

6. You’ve received more than one frantic call at work letting you know that tonight would be a good night to pick up take-out on your way home because cooking dinner may be the thing that sends your wife over the edge.

7. You’ve made out with your kids’ teacher – or even readily admit and announce to the world – that you’re in love with her. (Amazon has some great homeschool dad shirts!)

8. Parent-teacher conferences can be a lot of fun. {ahem}

9. You’ve made an emergency trip home from work to rescue the classroom snake from an unfortunate encounter with the sticky side of some duct tape. (Or maybe that’s just us.)

10. You tried to argue the point that your dining room shouldn’t look like a classroom before eventually admitting defeat and helping hang the dry erase board and put together the bookshelf.

What would you add?


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  1. I am a long-time fan of your site. I think you got all the points down about homeschool dads though I will throw in that oftentimes I ask my husband to do things with my girls that I am not good at–like building things. The other day I asked him to help them build a bird feeder or nesting box. I had to remind him though that this was a “school” project so be sure to include some math skills, tool safety lessons, and talk about birds (science!). 🙂

  2. You might be a homeschool dad if you HAD to use a map on your last roadtrip because it was also a geography lesson!

  3. I’m a horrible homeschool parent. No snakes allowed in my house!

    #6 is a recurring theme in my house!

    You might also be a homeschool dad if you listen to hours and hours of discussion on curriculum. And then surprise your wife with an opinion that proves you were actually listening the entire time! 🙂

    1. hmmm … does that make me a “great” homeschool parent because we have somewhere between 10 and 12 snakes in our house including an 8 foot boa – plus, of course, a freezer full of dead rats to feed them all! 😉

    2. No, you are not a horrible homeschool parent. I like snakes, but we have a no snakes in the house rule.

  4. I decided that I needed to write the equivalent from the point of view of a teaching homeschool dad. I only got to seven.

    Number 6 on your list is the nights that I call a ‘fend for yourself’ night. Everyone can warm up what ever they find in the fridge. The kids go first, my wife second and I get last choice.

  5. #1 is the norm around here. (Glad he’s not sick often.) You might also be a homeschool dad if you’re also the phys ed teacher and the regular teacher begs you to please take your class outside or to the Y NOW!

  6. My husband was the one who told me “Baby, we homeschool. We are a homeschool family & it’s our lifestyle not just something we do.You need to take this living room & make of it what you need it to be in order to be able to educate the kids & make your life easier. Hang things up, bring out all the curriculum, hang their pictures, fill the bookshelves with school items.This is our home & this is where we educate our kids. Stop trying to hide it for guests. I feel pride when your heart work is evident in our home.”

    For years I had tried hiding things behind closed doors, cabinets, different rooms, etc…because I felt the living room needed to “look like a living room”. My husband was the person who made me see that was silly & whoever didn’t like our home didn’t have to ever come back here. He is so proud when he comes home & sees everything I’ve done for our babies.

    1. Awww… I love this! I knew my hubby meant serious business when he built my boys the desk I admired on pinterest. 🙂 (Yes, it’s in our living-room.)

  7. I am a homeschooling mom with a husband, two boys, a dog, a cat and a parrot (no snakes!). I have tried to implement a “Find-Your-Own-Food-Friday” without success. There was much barking and whining – the dog wasn’t too happy about it either.

  8. Not that this applies to my husband (wink!) but, you might be a homeschool dad if…
    Your kids are better at household chores and grocery shopping than you are.

  9. You might be a homeschool dad if you want to go hit some golf balls at the driving range, but your wife makes you take your kid so she can count it as P.E. while also getting the house to herself for a bit. 😀

  10. If you have argued more than once about your wife reading some sort of history on what you thought was going to be a road trip, until you realized she was right. It isn’t the way you went to school anymore! 🙂

  11. you might be the homeschool dad when you know about all the state laws, the different curriculum, and the names and most ages of the kids in the homeschool group. But the big kicker the moms still don’t want to talk to him because what could he know.

  12. You might be a homeschool dad if you cover for all of your co-worker’s summer vacations because you went to Legoland in February! (The lines are particularly short on Super Bowl Sunday- and going that day was HIS idea!)

  13. For the record, olive oil works really well for the snake stuck to the duct tape. Nope, not just you. Actually, it was our homeschooling neighbor but our whole family got called in to help.

  14. You might be a homeschool dad if you no longer remove things that look like a science project from the refrigerator because the last time you did, you really did throw away the science project.

    You might be a homeschool dad if family movie night is now Liberty Kids for History and School House Rocks for English and Science!

    You might be a homeschool dad if you have now become a project leader in several 4-H projects because it can count as homeschool curriculum as well.

  15. If you get a call to take care of “Principal” duties. Especially as in “He refuses to do his school work and we have been on the same sentence (math problem …whatever) for three hours. Would you PLEASE help?!?”

    OR if many history and science lessons are spontaneous conversation that Mom sees as a “teaching moment”.

  16. You might be a homeschool dad if…

    …you are baby wearing one on front, piggy back another, and have 2 more either in your arms or on your hands, but still rush to hold the door open for that lady struggling with her 1 child.

    …you constantly reassure strangers asking about yours kids schooling that:
    1; they are ok socially
    2; it is legal
    3; no, your wife is not crazy

  17. When no one on the IT help desk you work at can be reached because everyone including two bosses up are all on the internet trying to figure out if the the snake that is eating a frog on the swing set in the pic that was sent to you by your wife is poisonous.

  18. This entire thing is so sexist. The “financial provider” is not always the husband and the home schooler is not always the wife.

    1. Yes, that fact was actually pointed out in the first paragraph: “I know there are plenty of homeschool dads who are the teaching parent, but this one is for all those dads who are the primary financial backers and moral support for the moms who are teaching their kids at home.” 🙂

  19. I have this shirt for my husband and he gets the funniest stares/looks!! One person actually came up to him and said, “I’m surprised that your wife allows you to wear that T-shirt.” My husband calls me over and asks if I could show my shirt to the stranger, and without questioning him I showed off my shirt that states, “I Am In Love With My Kid’s Principal”. I think he figured it out! LOL

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