10 Perfect Gifts for the Homeschool Mom

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Written by Alicia Hutchinson of Investing Love.

We homeschool mamas are a different breed of moms, are we not? We get excited about fresh notebooks and documentaries on Netflix. The change of seasons to us means a whole slew of new unit study ideas, and don’t even get me started on the bingo game I just discovered that uses different rock types – I might just go lose my mind over that thing!

But that’s just the school part of our title. We also have a whole lotta home in the homeschool mama role. We cook three meals a day, sometimes more. We clean our houses and chauffeur kids from here to there, just like all the other mamas. It’s not easy being a homeschool mom.

Top 10 Gifts for Homeschool Moms


Yes, we chose this life, and yes, we love it – most of the time. But that’s not to say it’s not super challenging and we could use just a wee bit of pampering every now and again. We like that sort of thing.

Oh! And if you happen to notice something good we did, we love hearing a “thanks, hon,” or a “thanks, mom” every now and again, too. Christmas is upon us and it’s a wonderful time to show we mama-folk your appreciation.

But what do ask for for Christmas, you ask? Oh, let me give you some ideas! But remember, there’s a great many hats we mamas wear, so we’re open to many gift choices, but the two primary ones are the school hat and the mama hat, so to make it easier for the shopper, I’ve created two lists to suit those two big areas.

Sound good? Great, let’s get started!

Gifts for the Homeschool MOM

For the homeschool mom who needs a little time out…

homeschool MOM gifts

  1. A visit from Merry Maids. Truly. Especially after the holidays. Our houses are in ruins, and nothing would bless us more than some happy ladies coming in to help us out in the dirt department.
  2. Starbucks gift card. Spending several dollars on coffee can seem exuberant when we’re busing kids from co-op to ballet practice, but a little treat that’s already paid for would be just the pick-me-up we need on those extra crazy days.
  3. Oil diffusers. I love using essential oils to calm, heal, and balance. Diffusing them is a great way to use oils! Oil diffusers make a great gift for a homeschool mama.
  4. Massage. Toting babies, hauling groceries, bending over to pick up toddlers, and every other move we make during the day causes sore muscles, tight shoulders, and cramped necks. A great massage is like a kiss from the angels. We need them once in a while.
  5. Haircut gift card (with a sitter). Getting out of the house to get your hair cut when you’re a busy homeschool mama can be nearly impossible, but a gift card to go get the job done with a sitter already booked? Now that’s just plain amazing. Extra husband brownie points for sure!

Gifts for the HomeSCHOOL Mom

On the school side of things…

homeSCHOOL mom gifts 2

  1. Fancy desk accessories. Having a desk full of stuff doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Fancy pins, gold scissors, and adorable desk organizers make even correcting math a tiny bit more glamorous.
  2. Amazon Prime Membership. Listen, you know we’ve got weekly shipments from Amazon coming anyway. We might as well get it faster and without having to pay shipping with an Amazon Prime membership, right? Add in free music streaming, thousands of free ebooks, tons of movies and shows you can stream for free and you’ve got yourself the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.
  3. Laminator. A boring gift? Oh, no. Of all the homeschool moms I know who own a laminator, most cannot wait to pull it out and laminate something…anything! We love them.
  4. Paper cutter. Another boring gift? Nope. We eat this stuff up! Art projects, cutting up those pesky ping-pong pictures, cutting down papers to make them last longer – these are all reasons we need paper cutters.
  5. Bluetooth speaker. We are forever listening to podcasts, music, and audio books on my Bluetooth speaker. I also use mine to be able to listen to a Periscope every now and again while I’m washing dishes. I have the one pictured above and I have loved it for several years now. You will love having one of these!

These are just some ideas pass on to get your honey started. Of course, an adorable handmade card with glitter and love would be great, too – as long as there’s at least that Starbucks card in there 😉 Merry Christmas, mamas!

What is topping your Christmas wish list this year?

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  1. loved the list! now if only i thought to read this earlier and give the list to my husband! ahhh hhhaa!! Eureka! I’ll print out this list and give it to him as a mother’s day list!

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