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This post is for all of who you’ve just been sitting around thinking, “Gee, I wonder what’s going on in Kris’s mind.” Okay, so that’s probably no one, not even my own mother, but now at least a few of you are curious.

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1. Apostrophes. I consider myself something of a grammar nut. I won the 7th grade English award back in the day – that means I had the highest grade in English in my entire 7th grade class.

Still, I often wonder about apostrophes after names that end in “s.” You know, like mine. You don’t add an “s” after the apostrophe to show possession in words that end in “s,” like “all the boys’ socks” or “all the girls’ dolls,” but what about names? Is it Kris’ mind or Kris’s mind? That always confuses me.


2. Sunflowers. They’re my favorites. Every year, I buy a sunflower calendar for my kitchen and I love when Brian brings me fresh sunflowers.

We needed an artificial sunflower for our current Art Projects DVD, so I decided I’d go to Michael’s and buy a nice one. It was kind of pricey, but it’s so pretty that I decided to buy some more when I found out they were on sale for 40%. Now, I have a beautiful arrangement of silk sunflowers.

I told Brian he still has to buy me real ones from time to time.

3. Homeschool Conventions. I’ve already mentioned this a time or two, but I’ll be in Chattanooga for Geography Matters this weekend and in Atlanta for Lexercise next weekend. I just found out that I’ll be doing a Trail Guide to Learning workshop in Chattanooga and I already knew that I’d be doing a workshop for Lexercise in Atlanta.

The thought of both of those workshops makes me very nervous. There’s probably a reason why I’m a writer and not a speaker. Think I could get away with writing a really good blog post for each and reading it aloud? Yeah, probably not.

4. Engrossing books. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten really engrossed in a good book, but right I’m reading The Best of Me, by Nicholas Sparks. I’m not sure why it’s captured my interest so quickly, but it’s taking all the restraint I have to write this blog post instead of sticking my nose in that book and not coming up for air until I read the last page.


5. Cats. I’ve been wondering what would happen if I talked to people like I talked to my cat. At the very least, I’d probably get punched in the nose. Half the time, instead of calling them by name, I refer to them as “The Fat One” (Luna) and “The Crazy One” (Lily).

A few weeks ago, I said to Luna (in that sweet little sing-song voice that always makes dogs and cats think you’re saying something sweet, even if you’re not), “Hey, little fatty kitty. You’re so fat if I didn’t know better I’d think you were pregnant.”

See? I’d get punched if I said that to a person.

6. Melatonin. I love melatonin. It’s great for shutting my mind off and helping me sleep when I’m suffering from insomnia and it never makes me feel groggy the next day. I think I can only take it in small doses, though.

I had a bottle of 1 mg melatonin and several people mentioned how little that was, saying that they buy 3 mg. So, since my bottle was almost empty, I bought a bottle of 3 mg pills. I took one last night…and tossed and turned all night long after also sleeping poorly the night before.

Today I realized that the same thing has happened the couple of times I’ve taken two 1 mg pills because I expected to have trouble sleeping. Do any of you melatonin-takers notice it having the opposite effect if you take higher doses?

7. Sleep. Speaking of melatonin, I have to tell you – I have sleep issues. It usually takes me at least 15 minutes – and usually longer – to go to sleep. Of course, I’m married to a man who takes less than 3 minutes to fall asleep. And who snores. Loudly.

I can usually stay asleep once I’m in a deep sleep, but I am very easily awakened until then. And, if I am awakened during the “drifting off” phase, it sometimes takes me hours to go back to sleep.

8. Lunches. I usually try to have some variety in my lunches, so I don’t get bored with my favorites, but sometimes I get on a kick. Right now it’s sandwiches. I do try to have different kinds of sandwiches, but for the past several weeks (since the kids went to camp back in June), I’ve been perfectly content to have sandwiches nearly every day for lunch, with the occasional plate of leftovers thrown in for variety.

I think it’s because sandwiches are quick and easy. I’m still fixing other things for the kids, but it’s usually something easy that I can toss in the oven, like pizza. I’ve been on tuna for awhile, but this week I got some roast beef and honey ham from the deli counter. What do you do for lunches?

9. Falling Skies. Do you watch it? That and Revolution are the only two TV shows that I watch regularly. It helps that Falling Skies is only shown during the summer and Revolution is a fall/winter show because I don’t like watching a lot of TV. I have trouble keeping them separate in my mind, sometimes, though…and both are getting on my nerves a little bit.

10. School. I’m really excited about our new school year. Sunday afternoon I was working on updating our curriculum page. I’m planning on having the new-and-improved, updated page ready to roll out on Thursday. So far, there are some things that are really working well for us – one is a curriculum tweak and the other is even more simple…assignment sheets for my middle schoolers.

They love them! I’ve tried them before with little success. I’m not sure what the difference is now, unless it’s just the fact that the kids are older.  That one change has really made our day go much more smoothly, though, making all of us very happy.

What kind of randomness is on your mind this lovely Tuesday?

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  1. I too have sleep issues. Melatonin can cause restlessness, and even nightmares if you take more than your body needs. I’ve switched to Wild Lettuce (capsules). It has been a wonderful discovery! I sleep soundly and feel well rested in the morning. I also began sleeping with earplugs years ago because I would wake up with every little noise in the house.

    I have no self control when reading a good book!

  2. My name being Chris as well the first time I was taught about the ‘ I was told not to add another s after my name. Since that time ive had teachers tell me I need to add another s as well as have friends tell me I’m spelling it wrong…. I’m sticking with my one s. 😉 oh but what really buyer me. My madian name was VanMeurs. VanMeurs’s sounds so stupid to me.

    1. See, I never added the second ‘s’ either. I didn’t think I was supposed to. Like you, I’ve heard both. My spell/grammar check doesn’t correct me either way. {sigh}

  3. I love how you talk to your cats! Yes you probably would be punched in the face!
    I too have sleep issues but usually occurs when I have been woken up then I am up for too long and no one should talk to me the next day, I am that moody! If I feel restless close to bedtime I drink my sleepy time tea but if I take anything to help with sleep I get very groggy, and I am still moody and even worse unmotivated. The house could be on fire and I would be like eh I get that later, I need a nap

  4. I too watch Falling Skies. My husband, my 18 year old son and I watch it together. We have not watched Revolution, might have to check it out.
    I talk to my cat too! She has helped me make some very tough decisions.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. The falling asleep thing is a tough one for me too, but have you ever considered maybe its because after having kids you are on high alert and have to be ready at a moments notice to go catch night vomit or soothe nightmarish kids? I feel like after 3 kids, I am so sleep deprived and so used to being woken up in the middle of my sleepy time that it has permanently damaged my brain or something. I have the same problem you describe but it didn’t start happening to me until I had kids!! PS-love your blog! 🙂

    1. Oh, that’s definitely it. I was a heavy sleeper before kids. I just think that it’s time to go back now that the youngest is nearly 12. They can all make it to the toilet to puke now. I mean, surely? Right?

  6. Now see I was wondering what was on your mind today, thus I stopped by. I hate the punctuation thing too but glad to say I recently got the its and it’s all figured out. My hubby also goes to sleep instantly upon hitting the pillow – we joke and say he cuddles his phone like my son his teddy bear- and then he’s out. My kids don’t think it’s fair because it takes them awhile to go to sleep. I agree. Love your cat talk. Same with my dog and I. I’m sure I’d get punched if I talked to people the same way… Go Lay Down, Move, It’s Not Dinner Time, Move, Go Away, Move… she gets in the way and hovers if there’s food around. At least I say “I love you! Good Nite!” -that could also present a problem also, if said to a stranger. Thanks for the laugh and smiles today!

  7. The randomness on my mind right now is that I have company coming in 2 hours and my house is a mess and I can’t seem to get going. And we’re leaving on a mini-vacation tomorrow and I have nothing ready and I can’t seem to get going. In fact, I’d like to take some melatonin and go back to bed … except I don’t take melatonin, and there is just too much to do to even think of going back to bed.

    Speaking of assignment sheets, that has worked with my kids too. They both have clipboards so they can work anywhere and they keep their sheets on there. They have the joy of checking things off and seeing how much they have left to do each day. There’s something really helpful to them, mentally, in not having to see what they have to do the next day, and the day after, etc. One day at a time.

  8. Your sleep issue is mine too. Melatonin usually gives me restless leg and nightmares. I am trying some chamomile tea for night time settle down.

    Problem right now is planning school, so my mind is constantly running with ideas. With two beautiful daughters, I try to redecorate the class area and come up with new fun supplies.

  9. I love to read! My favorite author is Francine Rivers, and my favorite book of hers is “Redeeming Love”. I simply cannot put her books down when reading and often end up ignoring the needs of my kids because I’m so engrossed!!! I’ve read “Redeeming Love” twice and wouldn’t doubt if I read it a few more times over the next few years!!!
    I love my dog and talk to him constantly! He’s a great companion and doesn’t argue with me ever. The poor fellow probably doesn’t know his name because I call him so many other nicknames. We love him and he makes a great homeschool companion during the day for the kids. He’s sat in on so many lessons that he probably knows how to read and his multiplication facts!!
    By the way I love reading your blog!!!

  10. Lovely post, Kriss. And that cat is adorable! And Nicholas Sparks books always has me on tenterhooks! Whether the book will have a Happily Ever After or not has me biting my nails. Plus his stories are almost tear jerkers. But, Best of Me is definitely one of my favs. Have fun reading it!

  11. I had not considered that “less might be more” when it comes to melatonin; will give that a try. I just dropped it when I increased the dosage and it “quit” working at all. Will add Wild Lettuce capsules into my arsenal. It seems more common than I would have guessed for this combination of home schooling, reading and sleep issues.

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