5 Must-Read Articles if You’re Homeschooling High School

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Is homeschooling high school in your future – or your present? I’ve compiled 5 of my must-read articles if you’re homeschooling high school.

5 Must-Read Articles if You're Homeschooling High School

1. The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling High School

If you’re homeschooling now or planning to soon, you’ll want to bookmark this huge list of resources for homeschooling high school. It’s broken down into high school prep, academics, choosing curriculum, electives, graduation, getting ready for college, college entrance exams and more.

How to Homeschool High School

2. 100 Hands-On Activities for Middle School and High School

Hands-on learning is my favorite kind of learning, but it can be difficult to find age-appropriate activities for teens. That’s why I was so excited to compile this list of 100 hands-on projects for teens.

Hands-on learning activities for high school students

3. Homeschooling Middle School and Beyond: Remaining Involved with Independent Learners

While high school is a time when teens should be expected to work independently and take ownership of their education, it can be to their detriment to set them completely adrift. Check out these tips for remaining involved with your independent learners.

How to remain involved with independent learners

4. How to Graduate a Homeschooled Student

Once your kids start approaching high school age, you may find yourself wondering about something that’s a pretty big deal – how do you graduate a homeschooled student? In most states, the teaching parent sets the requirements for graduation, so you can graduate your own child, issue him a diploma, and complete his high school transcript. Read the full article for all the pertinent details.

How to graduate a homeschooled student

5. Life After High School: Alternatives to College

Not all high school grads are going to benefit from a college education. If your teen wants to be a doctor or lawyer, then, sure, he needs to plan on college. For other kids, some of the college alternatives featured in this article may make more sense.

College alternatives for high school graduates

Bonus: What College Profs Wish Freshmen Knew from Sarah at Small World at Home.

5 Must-Read Articles if You're Homeschooling High School

That wraps up the 5 must-read articles if you’re homeschooling high school and the one bonus that I just had to include. I found it so insightful given the fact that that suggestions came from actual college professors. It’s helpful for all college-bound students, not matter where they received their education.

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Articles Every Homeschooler Should Read

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  1. Next year is the year my oldest daughter will begin highschool/homeschool. I’m super nervous about the whole thing. I really appreciate these pages so much! I’m sure by graduation I will feel like it’s old hat, but right now all I do is worry that I won’t end up doing anything right. These helpful pages give me a lot of confidence. So thank you!

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