7 Revealing Signs You’ve Been Homeschooling Too Long

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Homeschool life can be funny. There are admittedly days when you feel like you’re completely “off the grid” and out of touch. Some days I wonder if I would ever be able to re-enter society by way of a public school car line if I had to.

After more than ten years, our family has completely embraced this crazy lifestyle. We all know homeschool moms can be a little weird and lately, I think I’ve been showing my homeschool mom age.

Can you relate to these 7 revealing signs you’ve been homeschooling too long?

1. You know what kombucha and kefir are and how to make or use them.

Oh, man! The natural mamas are an inspiration, aren’t they? Hang out in homeschool circles for about five minutes and you’ll find one. Their skin is glowing, their kids are free-range, and they have an organic garden. That they actually eat from.


I have picked up some pretty crazy recipes for curing colds and flu, and I’m guilty of growing a SCOBY in my fridge. My husband almost puked when I showed it to him, and my sister was sure I’d get botulism. Kombucha is fun.

2. You don’t like schedule commitments.

We like the freedom of our schedules and, believe it or not, we prefer being at home most days. I hate feeling over-committed, so I usually go out of my way to under-commit. Ha!

This year we didn’t join a co-op. We haven’t committed to field trips or running around like crazy. We’ve just been home. We love it!

3. You find a way to turn any activity into a learning experience.

No matter how annoying it is for your family, you try to make every outing and activity educational! Bonus points if you include some kind of paper to stick in your kids’ year-end portfolio. My kids hate when I geek out around town.

After all, we homeschool moms know how to make everything from coloring to camping to playing games into a learning experience. Yes, sometimes our kids know what we’re doing. Other times we can convince them we’re just having a good time together.

And, honestly, we’re accomplishing our homeschool goals as long as we’re exploring, playing, and learning together, right?

4. You need a tutor for suit shopping.

Lord, help me when our family has to dress up for a special occasion. My oldest never wanted to participate in homecoming or prom. A lot of homeschool kids do, but my kids are not those kids. My husband works in construction, and the last time he wore a suit was in 1999. Not kidding.

My son attended a formal birthday party a couple of years ago, and I had to call my best friend for backup. Bless her! She met us at the store and picked out his outfit for me. Thanks to her he looked great! Left in my hands, he would have looked like a 70-year-old grandpa going to bridge club.

Unless it’s shorts or flip-flops, I’m at a total loss! The last time we went to a wedding, I spent an hour on the phone with my sister taking notes on how to shop for dressy clothes!

5. The only “work clothes” you own are new yoga pants.

I have no fashion sense and no clothes. The end.

In fact, it’s entirely possible that People Who Don’t Homeschool can spot us homeschoolers by how we dress. We may dress up too much, not dress up enough, or have no idea at all how we should dress for a particular occasion or event. But most of us are okay with that. We dress how we like to dress, and that’s okay.

6. You don’t understand the inappropriate text abbreviations your sister sends.

I’m way out of the loop on anything for adults only. There’s no office banter going on here, that’s for sure! I didn’t understand my sister’s text joke the other day, and she nearly lost it.

Sisters are bad. And hilarious!

7. You know too many random facts, and you share them with strangers.

You guys. I’m like an annoying seven-year-old who wants to talk about animals except I look like a regular woman. Unsuspecting strangers have no idea what’s coming.

After finding myself explaining macaroni penguins to a complete stranger in the doctor’s office waiting room, it’s painfully clear I need to get out more and learn how to talk to adults again.

Have you been homeschooling too long? What are some of your signs?

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  1. I honestly laughed out loud at most of these! Um…yes!! Lol, these are so true and I’m definitely one of the number. Our family also loves the freedom of scheduling, as I also work from home as a freelance writer. It’s hard to nail anything down! But I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Thanks for sharing…so lovely!

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