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You know those things that are funny when they’re happening to someone else? Or even to you…later, much later? You know, things like “toilet paper stew” being stirred in the toilet with your favorite hairbrush? Well, here’s your chuckle for the day from a couple of years ago. I found this treasure buried in the archives.

Yesterday, after a trip to the dentist, I stopped and bought Agent Cool Blue. That’s the new stuff from Listerine for kids. They swish it around in their mouths for 30 seconds, spit it out, then, brush their teeth till all the blue stuff is gone.

Today, on the way home from a play date, I told Josh that when we got home he was to go inside and brush his teeth really good because it was his and Dad’s turn to go to the dentist. When we got home, he went to brush his teeth and I went to the bathroom (yeah, maybe TMI, but it’s relevant to the story).

A minute or so later, Brian got home and in just a second I heard him yelling at Brianna to get me. Well, I’m in the bathroom yelling that I’m in the bathroom, for crying out loud. Since I was, at this point, aware that some sort of chaos had erupted in the approximately two minutes that I was in the bathroom, I quickly wrapped things up and came out, asking, in my most pleasant tone of voice, what in the world was going on.

The answer?

“Josh spilled that blue crap that you bought yesterday all over the place!”

Just as Adam did to Eve, suddenly it’s all my fault. So, I go downstairs to investigate, thinking that it surely can’t be that bad.

Wrong. It can actually be that bad.

The first drops of blue are on the bottom step coming from my room. That is followed by an extremely large blue puddle in the dining room floor and a trail of big blue dots all the way down the stairs, all the way down the hall to the downstairs bathroom where there is another large blue puddle. Josh is standing in the middle of his room with blue all over his shirt, his pants and his socks.

How could this blue bottle have exploded all over the house, you may be wondering? Well, apparently, Josh dropped the bottle in the bathroom and it burst on one side. Rather than tossing it in the sink and letting it pour out and down the sink to its heart’s content, he brought it upstairs, looking for help! Argh!!!

So, I pulled out the steam vac and started working on the hall. I still don’t know how to put the stair attachment on, though, so I sprayed some carpet cleaner on the stairs until Brian, who had left for his appointment, could get back home from the dentist and take care of that. Then, I went and got the mop to get up the mess in the dining room. I ran a sink full of hot water and stuck the mop down into it. It’s one of those sponge mops with a roller on it to wring the water out. I pushed the handle to wring the water and the whole mop head fell off into the water!

Yep, the mop chose today to completely break. It was at that point that I decided that I had to blog about this because I knew it would be extremely funny to someone else.

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  1. I have so been there, Kris. Different stuff, different day, but I have so been there…just blogged about my own Murphy kind of day yesterday. Thankful for your blog–I feel so much more normal!!

  2. LOL! Lesson learned!
    We tried the Inpector Hector Plaque Detector and it didn’t work anyway. It turned the bathroom blue but not their teeth! I pitched it after two days (before it could get out of the bathroom luckily!LOL)

    Ah, and tp stew… the memories! 😉

  3. haha.. still funny. Although, I know it wasn’t for you at the time.I have had bad stuff happen at our house too.. just have to laugh about it. 😉

  4. Kris,
    It’s funny that you posted this story. My kids asked for it the other day in WalMart and I said, “NO!” I quickly remembered your incident.

  5. Too funny! LOL! I just threw ours out. I’d really like to avoid that type of catastrophe here. Instead, we’ve opted for the fluoride treatment that comes in a paste!

  6. Great story thanks for sharing! The things I have to look forward to. Thanks for joining in Show off your Blog Saturday. I really enjoyed reading your post hope you link up tomorrow too!

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