Around the World Day 2007

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Our homeschool group had our 4th Annual Around the World Day last Friday. It was fantastic!! We had 15 displays including: Japan (ours), Romania, Brazil, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Israel, the Philippines, Italy, Panama, Great Britain, Australia, Greenland, Mexico and Peru. Everyone’s displays were fabulous!

Before I go any further, I just have to brag on Josh. We’d discussed, before we left home, that the kids would take 30 minute shifts manning our booth, so that they would also have time to go around and look at everyone else’s tables. In the past, Brianna has done all the “presenting” with me taking over while she went to look around. However, this year Josh and Megan were part of the entire process and I wanted them involved in the actual presentation.

Well, once we started, Josh took over the table…and he never gave it up! I never asked him to take over; he just started because I was off taking pictures and some people came to look at our table. I could see him, from across the room, pointing to all the things on our table and talking about them. I was so shocked, that I sneaked closer to listen. He was doing a great job! He was speaking loudly and clearly and was giving accurate information about what we’d studied, including little tidbits of interest.

I asked him a couple of times if he wanted me to take over or get one of the girls to take over while he went and looked around, but he didn’t want to. He refused to leave the table! I had at least four people come to me and tell me what a great job he was doing. I was so proud of my little (okay, he’s not so little) guy. He’s usually so quiet and shy and he tends mumble when he’s nervous, but he did none of that on Friday. It was a very proud mama moment for me. 😉

The other countries included:

Romania — They had lots of artifacts actually from Romania (grandpa had visited several times), the most interesting, to me, was the money. It was different colors, such as pink and blue, and had a little “see-through” section on each bill.

Brazil — My favorite feature was their rain forest terrarium (though I told my friend, Jennifer, that I’d have gladly loaned her a real snake for it instead of the plastic one she was using! lol).

New Zealand — They had an awesome volcano cake! Yum! It looked too good to eat…well, almost!

France — Once again, it had to be the food. You just can’t go wrong with a chocolate fountain. That was a hit with all the kids.

Ireland — The teenager who displayed the table (she knows who she is, but I’m respecting her privacy) had a video playing of herself performing a traditional Irish dance. Wow!! I wish I had such talent…of course, it’d be scary to see this much weight flailing about. 😉

Israel — Boy, it really does seem to be about food with me, doesn’t it? (Hence the “weight flailing about” comment above.) The Latkes were wonderful!

The Philippines — They had a wonderful display and I may totally steal the self-inking stamp for the passports next year. 😉

Italy – The salt dough map and grapes were really cute. This was a fully kid-powered project. She did a great job and, I bet, got a lot out of it.

Panama — This was done by a girl who wanted to do the country that her grandma had visited. She also did a great job…and made a deeeee-licious cake! (Okay, this is starting to get embarrassing! lol)

Great Britain — This was another one of our teens and I was most impressed by the fact that he had done all the work himself (including the food) and that he was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his project.

Greenland — Okay, this was probably where *I* learned the most. I have never really studied anything about Greenland, so all the little factoids were extremely interesting to me — especially the information on population (about 1/6th that of our city…if my math is correct) and the fact that there are only about 40 miles of paved roads. Cool!

Peru — Also very interesting because the mom grew up in Peru. Lots of actual artifacts and cool things to look at and learn about.

Australia — Every year somebody does Australia and every year I learn something new (even though this was the first country we did) I loved that this was another kid who’d really learned a lot and was eager to share. He presented his country really well.

Mexico — Again, the kids had done a lot of work and it was displayed very well. Also, a special thanks to this mom for getting us permission to use her church’s facilities. What a nice place!

For our country, Japan, we had a great time learning. Brianna made an awesome salt dough map:

And, we had a great time with our “sweet sushi” (thanks to my friend, Karen for sharing the idea), which included Rice Krispies (rice), gummy worms (raw fish) and Fruit Roll-ups (seaweed):

Special thanks to my friend, Susan, for all her help with my kids’ costumes.It was another great year. We’re already looking forward to next year.

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  1. What a great run down on everyones displays. Since we were not able to be there.
    great looking treats and Susan what a Fab! job…
    Hats off to you ALL!!!!


  2. wow – what a fun day! The kids look great in their costumes. The sushi looks yummy (the only sushi I’d ever eat, LOL). A big pat on the back for Josh! 🙂

  3. Yay to Josh for doing so well with your booth. Ownership empowered him 🙂 Your AWTD looks like so much fun. Tasty, too 😉

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