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Late Sunday night, I was looking through some photo CD’s trying to find some other pictures when I came across some of my favorites of the kids in their favorite homeschool shirts and I just had to share. Here is a great picture of the kids in our signature shirts:

WUHS kids

Don’t you just love Megan’s cool-dude shades? This is one of my all-time favorites of the kids:

Original WUHS Kids

It was my entire blog header for a long time and, of course, I had to keep it in some way when I got my new header earlier this year. The next one is of the kids and Dad on vacation/field trip a couple of years ago in our other favorite homeschooling shirts:

Family 2007

And, finally, you can see how they’ve all changed in this picture that I took a few weeks ago, right after everyone got haircuts.:

New haircuts for school

Oh, and one more, just for kicks. The following picture is from our very first homeschooling day ever. I had to dig this one out from a photo album and scan it. We’d gone on a field trip to the downtown area of our hometown. We made some great memories that day…except, you know, Brianna and I are really the only ones who actually remember them.

First Day 2002

By the way (and this is a totally unsolicited comment — I get nothing from this and I am in no way affiliated with the company — but I know someone will ask, so I thought I’d go ahead and answer), we got both sets of t-shirts from Great Homeschool T-Shirts.

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  1. OMG Those pictures are so sweet.

    Although … I am reeling from the realization that time is going so fast … The kids look so much older than when our paths first crossed waaaaaaaay back in the iVillage days …. Is it going that quickly?

  2. what great pics! i love the haircuts!!! it is amazing how much they can grow in a single year (and isn't that what all old people sound like and often say?). Oi.

  3. Seriously, those shirts are the best ever.

    Do you get comments on them when you're out and about?

    And your oldest is looking sooo grown up. Gracious!

    Too too fast.

  4. I was just about to ask about the t-shirts so THANKS! It was nice to see all of your children in one picture.

  5. Wonderful pictures! I like the concept of same shirts. children looking so cute. Thanks for sharing cherish moments.
    It is nice to post to this site. I like this site.

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