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DIY Graphing Activities for Young Learners

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Written by Tara Mitchell of Homeschool Preschool.

Hands-on activities are an ideal way to let kids have fun with their homeschool lessons. However, hands-on activities prove intimidating for many parents. They can’t think of anything fun to do, or they worry about the cost of putting together the activities. They may even wonder how to fit one more thing in their homeschool day.

Hands-on fun doesn’t have to be intimidating, expensive, or take a lot of time. Take a peek at this fun do-it-yourself graphing activity. It’s free! It’s totally customizable. And, it doesn’t take much time to put together or complete.

Graphing Activities for Young Learners

These DIY graphs can be customized to fit many of your daily homeschool topics. To get started, print out the graphs linked below. There are two versions – a numbered graph and a blank one. Choose the graph that best fits your needs.

Use the list below (or come up with some of your own) to create your graphing activity. Cut out the die and assemble it before getting started. Have your child roll the die and color in the graph according to your instructions. The activity ends when one column reaches the top of the board.

Download your free DIY graphing activity .

To extend the graphing activities, there are many concepts you can discuss with your learner:

  • Greater than, less than
  • How many more/less
  • Least/most
  • How many overall
  • Addition – adding all colored squares or adding multiple columns
  • Equal

More ways to use this fun graph printable:


  • Counting practice
  • Learn colors –  Match colors and color names. Match colors and colored stickers.
  • Number identification: Match numerals, number words, tally marks.


  • Animal sounds: Match animals and their sounds.
  • Animal families: Match animal babies/mommies or animals/animal baby names.
  • Habitats: Match animals to their habitats. Match items/animals found in various habitats – desert = coyote, lizard, cactus, camel, etc.


  • States/Capitals
  • State Symbols


  • Parts of speech – Write part of speech on die/board and have the student name a word before coloring a square.
  • Punctuation – Add punctuation marks to die/board. Say a sentence aloud, and have child color a square for the correct punctuation.


  • Uppercase/lowercase letters
  • Beginning sounds – Write letters on the die. Add a sticker for each beginning sound you choose on the board. Have your child name a new word that starts with that sound before coloring a square.
  • Rhyming words
  • Ending sounds
  • Long and short vowels

>>Download your free DIY graphing activity .

How will you use these DIY graphs with your young learners?

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!

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  1. How adorable! Lots of my kids are obsessed with Shopkins right now, so I think I’ll incorporate them into this idea. My kids won’t complain about any activity that involves Shopkins. Thanks for sharing!

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