Do You Ever Wonder?

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Do you ever wonder…

Why the softball team that plays the last game on Friday night always has the first game on Saturday morning?

Why the kid who hasn’t wanted to practice her music all year suddenly, now that music class is over, wants to continuously play the very song that, just last week, was the hardest song she’d ever had to learn and she couldn’t possibly learn it?

Why the week you decide to take off for Spring Break is suddenly the busiest week in recent memory?

How the laundry seems to reproduce itself in the hamper?

Why spring time in the south consists of two really temperate weeks, followed by a wicked cold snap, and ending with 90 degree temperatures until around the end of May when the temperature climbs to 100 degrees or so for the duration of the summer?

How it is that the above mentioned scenario can be miraculously altered just a teeny bit if you put all your winter clothes in storage before mid-May?

Why kids grow up so fast?

What are you wondering about today?

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  1. It’s all a conspiracy. 🙂 When the dryer goes out, you can bet that in the same week you will also have to replace a bathroom faucet (and mop up all the water that sprayed all over the cabinet underneath) and take the dog in for an ear infection. That was last week. Hopefully I won’t have so many “why” questions this week. But, it is Murphy’s law, right?

  2. I am wondering how the toys come to life and jump out of the toy box all by themselves…. let me know if you figure it out before me… 🙂

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