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EEME Project Genius Light Review

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With the proliferation of electronic devices in today’s society, it’s more important than ever that kids have a strong, working knowledge of the science, technological, electronics, and math (STEM) principals behind the technology.

Project Genius Light Review

For years there has been a push for American kids to perform better in STEM-related subjects, but often, without a being able to see a practical use to which to apply those skills, there is an apathy about perusing those subjects. Don’t believe me? Try teaching your kid algebra. I bet you’re going to hear the infamous, “But, Mom, when am I going to use this in real life?”

EEME’s hands-on projects teach kids about electronics in a fun, purposeful, engaging way. With Project Genius Light, kids ages 7-12 (or 13 in our case) will build an LED circuit board that comes on when it’s dark and goes off when it’s light.

I enlist my kids’ help for nearly all of my reviews…and sometimes I even give them a choice as to whether or not they want to help. For this review, I asked Josh if he’d be willing to be my guinea pig. The project sounded like just the kind of thing my hands-on, tinkerer would enjoy, but sometimes I’m wrong.

This time I was right! Josh thought the project sounded like fun, too, so he agreed to help. The project kit arrived during our Christmas break. It’s important to note that Josh’s birthday is a couple of weeks before Christmas and he had just gotten everything he needed to be able to play video games online with his friends. We hadn’t seen much of him in a few weeks.

Project Genius Light Kit

Project Genius Light sat around for a couple of days after it arrived. I was starting to think that I might have to nag remind him to complete it, when, one Sunday evening after church, Josh voluntarily asked me if I’d get him to the right spot on the EEME site to watch the free videos on how to complete the project.

I was just going to let him watch the videos and complete the project on his own – he’s pretty handy – but, Brian came in and sat down to see what was going on. I’m glad he did for a few reasons:

1) There were a couple of places where Josh needed some help. He’d have figured it out, but it would have involved some backtracking.

2) If I’d been helping, backtracking would still have been involved. Maybe more than if Josh had completed the project on his own.

3) It was a good father-son project for them to enjoy together.

I was impressed with the exceptionally high quality of the videos. The lighting and sound are crisp and clear and the videos are filmed so that the viewer always has a clear, close-up shot of each step of the project. It wasn’t just me. Brian also commented on the video quality.

EEME Free Courseware Videos

You can check out the videos for yourself. The EEME project courseware videos are free to watch.

Each video is no more than about 3 minutes long. They explain each step in completing the project as well as the principals involved. So, the student not only builds the project, but he learns how and why it works. There are comprehension questions along the way to ensure that the student is understanding what he’s learning.

Because the courseware videos are broken up into individual steps, the student does not have to complete the entire project in one sitting, which is great for younger students who may have a shorter attention span. Josh chose to complete the entire project from start to finish, which took about an hour.

He enjoyed the videos and thought they explained the concepts well. He is a hands-on guy like his dad and would have preferred to skip the how and why sections, much of which he already knew, but I explained that the project is for younger kids, too, and it’s always good to review information you think you know to make sure that you really understand it.

Project Genius Light Review

Josh was proud of the completed project and would enjoy making more of the upcoming projects from EEME.

If you have a student who would enjoy making their own light-sensitive LED light, there are several ways you can get your hands-on a project kit.

1) From now until Jan. 31, you can purchase a kit for 40% off, plus free shipping. To take advantage of that offer, just click the preceding link. (Offer expired.)

2) If you’d like to complete a project with multiple children, you can take advantage of 50% off, plus free shipping when you have 3 project kits shipped to a single address. Offer valid until Jan. 31. (Offer expired.)

3) You can enter to win! One reader will win one Project Genius Light kit, entry details to follow. If you’d like to go ahead and take advantage of one of the discount offers, you can do now. EEME will refund your purchase price if you purchase a kit, then, win the giveaway.

So you don’t miss any exciting news, specials, or information, be sure to follow the folks at EEME on Twitter and Facebook!

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  1. My guys would love the light or display. They are DIY kids. My 8 y.o. made a grappling hook yesterday out of a deer shed.

  2. I think my boys would really like the genius light, which after looking at the products page, is the only one that makes sense to me since you explained it! I’m scientifically, technologically, and all that, challenged! 🙂

  3. Genius Light. My boys are 6 and almost 8. We definitely would start with a beginner level. Dad is an EE though, so they might progress pretty quickly with his supervision. 🙂

  4. Genius Light first because my son loves anything that lights up, second the buzz wave since he also loves things that make a lot of noise.

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