Encouragement for Homeschool Moms

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Although I wouldn’t trade anything for my role as wife, mom, and homeschooling parent, the day-to-day of homeschooling is not without its moments of tedium, frustration, and discouragement. These ten posts offer some encouragement for homeschool moms (and dads).

Encouragement for Homeschool Moms

1. The Comparison Trap. Whether it’s a child comparing himself to a sibling or a homeschool mom comparing her home and school to a friend’s, it can be easy to fall into the comparison trap. The Bible reminds us, though, that we are each created wonderfully and uniquely.

2.  For Such a Time as This. You aren’t where you are, in space and time, by random chance. God has placed you in your current circumstances for such a time as this.

3. Bloom Where You’re Planted. It can be easy to see just the little puzzle piece of life that we’re looking at right now, but God sees the entire completed puzzle and He has called us to bloom where we’re planted.

4. Life Lessons from Chick-Fil-A. We never know who’s watching. We should live our lives in such a way as to bring glory to Christ with everything we think, say, and do, even when – or especially when – we think no one is watching.

5. Circle of Influence. I’m guilty of using my limited circle of influence as an excuse to live in my comfortable little bubble, but that circle is wider than I think and God can use me if I’ll remain open to His leading.

6. Having a HEART for Your Kids. That kid that you may have been trying to fix is just exactly who God created her to be. Don’t try to fix her. Accept her.

7. “We’re Gonna Be in the Hudson.” How is homeschooling like that famous plane-landing in the Hudson? This post shares my take on it.

8. Homeschooling Do’s and Don’ts. I’ve learned a few things about homeschooling over the last 10 years – this post highlights 10 of them.

9. Making Curriculum Work for You. Five tips for making curriculum work for you, rather than becoming a slave to the scope and sequence.

10. Scheduling Time with Your Spouse. It sounds unromantic to schedule time with your spouse, but it’s more romantic than never spending time alone together. Make sure that you’re not neglecting your most important relationship outside of your relationship with Christ.

What encourages you on the rough days?

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  1. Beautiful, Kris. Being a Mom in a world that tears a Mom down…it’s beautiful to see you build them up with God’s word as the foundation! Thank you for sharing His LOVE out loud!

  2. What a great list! We dont have kids yet, but once we do we will be homeschooling so these are great things to think about. My list this week was also on the topic of encouragement 🙂

    1. Thanks for making me aware of the problem. I’m working on getting it fixed. I’m sorry it was a discouraging day for you. (((Hugs)))

  3. This is such a great post! I am only into homeschooling now for three years off and on, but this will be the first year that I’ll have to actually “teach” both of my boys officially. Last year, Delbert knew all of his Kindergarten material so I could just give him busy work. Now, I can’t do that. However, I am hoping that combining subjects will help.

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