Enhanced Learning With Games In Your Homeschool

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Written by Erin Vincent of Nourishing My Scholars.

Games are a great way to enhance learning in your homeschool this year. Not only are games fun but they offer ample opportunities for children to practice their verbal communication skills, turn taking, and cooperation with others!  Plus our kids are learning to handle wins and losses with grace and humility.

But did you know that there are games to help enhance specific aspects of core subjects like math, history, and science?

Enhanced Learning With Games In Your Homeschool

Enhanced Learning In Our Homeschool

At the beginning of the year, I vowed to create more meaningful connections with my children. My idea was to include more brownies, books, and games as a way of incorporating joy. I think I’ve been successful. We have seen more time in the kitchen this year than ever before, and not just for making brownies…but all sorts of delicious treats have been joyfully woven into our weeks and studies!

Books are a staple in our home and in our education too. Read alouds, chapter books, and even audio stories play a foundational role in how we approach learning. One can never have too many books…or book shelves! We have huge stacks all around the house plus we keep several totes of library books on hand too. We can learn most everything, from history to math, with books.

Games were something that was a little hit and miss for us at first. I’m really not a fan of Trouble, or Sorry. Actually…I’d rather bang my head into a wall than play them. It wasn’t until we discovered other games like Catan, Castle Panic, and Dragonwood that our love and joy for games really took off.

So much joy in fact, that even when packing for vacation the children wanted to bring ALL of the games! They were adamant that every single one was NEEDED. Yes, there was loads of play happening even on the beach.

Once we were playing games that everyone enjoyed, the benefits of play became evident.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Once we were playing games that everyone enjoyed, the benefits of play became evident.” quote=”Once we were playing games that everyone enjoyed, the benefits of play became evident.”]

Playing games provides opportunities for teachable moments as well as critical thinking, problem-solving, and improved memory skills. Logic and reasoning skills are also strengthened through game play.

So, while everyone is shopping around for the perfect curriculum and filling their online carts with school supplies, I’ve taken a slightly different approach to this new school year. Granted, my online cart is full, but not with all of the items you might expect. There are books, pens, a pair of dragon slippers, and a few art supplies…but the majority?

It’s games!

Enhanced Learning With Games In Your Homeschool

Enhanced Learning With History Games

Games pair beautifully and easily with living books and core subjects like history. Are your kids studying ancient civilization this year? Why not add in the 7 Wonders? This is a favorite in our home! Every player must build their civilization plus one ancient wonder all while adding and subtracting points.

Of course, just like books, one can never have too many games…can they? After reading a book on Greek mythology we enjoyed Zeus on the Loose! When studying fairy tales we added in Sleeping Queens. I personally have Professor Noggin’s Wonder of the World and Duel patiently waiting in my online cart.

If your children are studying early American history then try Timeline, Catan Histories: Settlers of America, Constitution Quest Game, and Professor Noggin’s American Revolution.

Modern History couples nicely with Axis and Allies, Timeline Historical Events, and Professor Noggin’s Countries of World War II.

Enhanced Learning With Science Games

If you’re needing a bit of science in your homeschool, but don’t feel like getting messy with an experiment, then Hit the Habitat Trail is great for polishing up on those scientific facts about habitat, environment, and animals!

My kids also enjoy Gravity Maze for a little STEM science. It’s a marble run/logic puzzle that gets increasingly harder as you progress and puts your brain through a total workout.

I’ve currently got Cardline Animals, Totally Gross: The Game of Science, and Science Ninjas: Valence Card Game sitting in my online cart too.

Enhanced Learning With Games In Your Homeschool

Enhanced Learning With Math Games

Keeping math fun is of utmost importance and one of the ways we do that is by practicing our math facts with games! Often, after reading a favorite math book, we’ll incorporate some math play.

Games are educational and totally count as homeschool in our home because they help our kids to understand concepts that they may be working on.

My kids LOVE Prime Climb, Yahtzee, Rummikub, and 4 Way Count-Down! But I’m also hoping to add Math Dice, Sumoku, and Sequence to our homeschool line up.

Enhanced Learning With Games In Your Homeschool

Enhanced Learning With Geography Games

Did you know that you can brush up on your geography by playing games? We like to pair Ticket to Ride Europe with our Around the World Audio Stories.

The Scrambled States of America and Sequence: States and Capitals are fun to play when learning U.S. geography. While Brain Box: All Around the World and World GEO Bingo are fantastic when studying world geography.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me, what games will you incorporate into your homeschool?

Enhanced Learning With Games In Your Homeschool
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Erin Vincent is a homeschooling mom to two intense kids. They are child led with a heavy emphasis on read alouds, games, art, nature hikes, and hands on science! They traded the hustle and bustle of city life for the quiet farm life where opportunities for exploration in nature abound. When they're not homeschooling you'll find Erin curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book!. You can find Erin at Nourishing My Scholar.

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  1. Great suggestions. Love how you mix traditional games and more modern games. Played Lewis and Clark Expedition on solo variant today with my 5 and 7 year old. All of us teamed up to beat Alexander MacKenzie down the trail. Also have you tried Freedom The Underground Railroad or Founding Fathers? 🙂 love this stuff.

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