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This is shared with the permission of one of my children with the agreement that he or she remain nameless. I just had to share them, though. Oh, my goodness! I laughed so hard.

One of my kids’ workbook pages this week required said child to fill in the blanks with words containing two “E’s” resulting in a long E sound. The words were from a word bank and the blanks were Bible verses. Sometimes this particular child, in his or her haste to get the work done, doesn’t read the resulting sentences to see if they, well, you know, make sense. I mean, that’s not especially important, right?

In this case, this resulted in a hilarious new version of the Bible. Would you like some examples?

There is the famous “My God shall supply all you greedy according to His riches in glory…”

Or, how about the ever popular (and my personal favorite), “Feed my need.” That would be John 21:17, if you need to look it up…which said child could have done. The book gives the scripture references, but why bother with those when you can just stick any crazy word in the blank?

I’ll leave you with one last verse, “May my meditation be meek to Him.” (Ps. 104:34) After all, He issweet and lowly in heart.” (Mt. 11:29)

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  1. I’m cracking up! I can see this in a black and white cartoon in the Sunday morning newspaper comic strip!

  2. Those are great!! Hey Kris, yeah, we learn A LOT about death here on the farm (unfortunately). Birth too, I suppose.
    We had a great day having a birthday party at the racetrack. The kids got to pick horses and win a $1 coin from me. We had so much fun, although one character (a seedy looking gentleman at that!) told me he couldn’t believe I would have my little girl’s birthday party at the racetrack!

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