10 Fantastic Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers

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Preschoolers are so much fun. Everything is new and exciting, and simple outings can provide the basis for amazing hands-on learning opportunities. Many of these field trip suggestions are fun things you’d probably do with your preschooler anyway, but we’re homeschooling parents. That means we get to call them field trips.

Besides, the big kids shouldn’t get to have all the fun. So, check out these 10 field trips for preschoolers that I hope your little ones will love as much as mine did when they were still little.

10 Fantastic Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers

1. Apple orchard. Apple orchards are so much fun because they typically have activities geared toward younger kids. Plan a visit in September and borrow some books from the library about Johnny Appleseed. Plan some apple-themed snacks and activities, and maybe even bake a pie together. Fun!

2. Pumpkin patch. Like apple orchards, pumpkin patches generally feature activities for younger kids. Head to a pumpkin patch in October to select your own. Then, come home and enjoy a pumpkin-themed learning activity. If you love Little Critter as much as I do, read Trick or Treat, Little Critter, in which Little Critter and his family visit a pumpkin patch.

3. Zoo. Who doesn’t love animals? This can be a particularly fun outing if your zoo features a petting zoo. Consider making up a simple scavenger hunt to add an extra element of excitement to the visit.

4. Children’s museums. My kids used to love going to our city’s children’s museum. An annual membership was one of our splurges when they were younger. One of the nice things about children’s museums is that most rotate their exhibits several times a year, so there’s always something new to explore.

field trips for preschoolers

5. Farm. Domesticated animals are just as much fun to visit and learn about as wild ones. Plus, young kids can learn about how farmers provide food for the rest of us. Granted, much of what most of us eat is commercially processed, but it’s good for kids to learn about other options and discover how to support local farmers.

6. Fire or police station. Young kids tend to be fascinated by fire trucks and police cars, but they can often be intimated by firefighters and police officers in full gear. That can be a bad situation in the event of an emergency. Make arrangements to visit a local station and let your kids meet some of the men and women in uniform and learn some safety tips. I highly recommend reading Officer Buckle and Gloria in conjunction with a visit to the police station.

7. Aquarium. So, we’ve visited wild and domestic animals, we can’t leave out marine animals. Take your little ones to learn about fresh- and salt-water creatures.

8. Recycling facility. My kids and I went to a recycling center when they were young. It was fascinating to see how the facility operated and all the products that can be made from recycled plastic – everything from park benches to clothing! If you don’t already recycle, find out how to do so where you live and let your preschoolers start helping sort your recyclables at home.

9. A pond. A pond can be fascinating, particularly in the spring when you may be able to spot tadpoles, goslings, or ducklings. Borrow some books from the library about pond life before you go, and take along your camera to photo-journal what you find (at the pond, not the library!).

10. Your town. Often we overlook the things we see every day, but your own town can be a fascinating place to explore. Consider visiting the tourist attractions that you never visit because you aren’t tourists. Visit historical sites, local eateries, or small businesses. Stop by city hall or the chamber of commerce to learn more about your city’s history and what it has to offer.

What are some of your favorite field trip spots for preschoolers?

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  1. Our kids love to go to the fish hatchery to feed the fish. The food is only a couple of dollars a bag, and we all have so much fun. 🙂

  2. We have an arboretum about 15 minutes away. We like to take walks and spend time in the nature center. They have lots of classes for preschoolers, too, which is wonderful.

  3. Pumpkin picking at our local farm is one of the highlights of our fall! In the summer, we also enjoy the county fairs which provide lots of opportunities for talking about farm animals. (Not sure I would consider it a field trip, but it is fun!)

  4. Can anyone tell me about good field trips for a preschooler during quarantine? I have no idea where to take my 2 year old…

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