Happy Mother’s Day

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I wanted to wish all my mom blogger friends a wonderful Mother’s Day. I hope you’re all enjoying some quality time with your family.

I have had a wonderful day. Since we’re still in the process of looking for a new church home, we decided to stay home and sleep in today. I slept later than I’ve slept in a long time…and still didn’t want to get up.

My kids showered me with gifts and cards:


Brianna picked out the flowers herself. She chose these because I love sunflowers and this bouquet had a pink sunflower. (Yeah, it’s a Gerbera daisy – it certainly looks like a pink sunflower).

Josh gave me my favorite Star Wars figures from his personal collection (and helped me unload the dishwasher). Megan gave me the cute little pink cow from her personal collection. Aren’t those often the sweetest gifts?

This is what I found in my spot at the table when I came down to help fix brunch:


I couldn’t get over the thoughtfulness behind this gift. I, being the control freak I am, usually offer excessive amounts of input regarding gifts for any occasion. However, since Brian got me a new wireless printer a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t expecting a gift today. I was very pleasantly surprised…and, my new chair is extremely comfortable.


This Mother’s Day post is brought to you by the people who made it possible, the folks without whom I wouldn’t be a mom:


There is, of course, one other person who played a very important role in my motherhood. Thanks to my wonderful, loving husband, Brian. I love you guys!

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day! It sounds like you had a great day. I miss my mom a lot on Mother’s Day, but the kids and dear hubby made up for that with beautiful flowers and art work. I feel so loved!

  2. Love your blog. Just came over from lifestyle of learning and saw you were featured. Loved the article you wrote. It is so very true….things we learn along the way deepen the way we live for the future.

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