Highlights from Savvy Blogging Summit

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I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend the Savvy Blogging Summit this past weekend! I wanted to attend the previous two events, but the fact that they were in Colorado made it too cost-prohibitive for me. This year’s event was in Atlanta – within driving distance for me! I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity!

The conference was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. It was a jam-packed weekend that passed by far too quickly. Are you ready for the highlights?

1. Excellent roommates. I roomed with Lacy from Catholic Icing. I admit, I was wondering how it was going to go since Lacy was bringing her 5-month-old baby, Anabelle.

Lacy and Anabelle

I’ll just tell you, I was ready to pack sweet little Anabelle up and take her home with me by the end of the weekend. She was an absolute angel who smiled the entire time.

It wasn’t just me. See the other camera phone in the photo above. Anabelle had her own fan club and paparazzi. Oh, and Lacy was a pretty cool roommate, too. {grin}

2. Excellent speakers. The sessions were phenomenal. We had speakers such as Michael Hyatt, John Saddington, and Dan Morris. They were both inspiring and informative. I have pages and pages of notes…and a crazy-long to-do list to implement.

3. Hanging out with friends. This was probably the best part. It was so nice to meet some of my online friends for the first time and reconnect with others that I haven’t seen in awhile.

Kris, Amanda, and Jamie

My favorite part of the entire weekend was probably the impromptu brainstorming session in Angie’s room. I hope you’ll be seeing some cosmetic changes based on that session around here really soon.

4. Finding out who my true friends are. There are friends and there are true friends. True friends are the ones who will walk two miles, round trip, with a person who is in serious need of a Chick-fil-A sweet tea fix. Not only that, but true friends will point out that you may need to purchase two – one for now and one for later – and they’ll take a picture of you experiencing the pure joy of being reunited with your sweet tea.

Chick-Fil-A Tea

Thanks Angie, Lacy, Lauren (the truest friend of all since she walked all that way with blisters on her feet), and Dana. I really feel like I’m forgetting someone. Tricia, did you make that trek? If I forgot you, I’m sorry! I was really fixated on that tea.

5. Frosted glass bathroom doors and windows. If you ever wonder how close you really are to someone, share a hotel room featuring a frosted glass bathroom door with them. Yeah, really. It doesn’t block out much in the categories of sight or sound.


The door wouldn’t have been so bad, since it faced the foyer area, but somebody got the bright idea that a frosted glass window in the wall the separates the bathroom and the sleeping area would be just the thing.

frosted glass window

And, if that weren’t enough, you couldn’t turn on the fan without turning on the light over the shower, creating a nice spotlight effect. Yeah, fun times.

6. Corner Bakery lady. Breakfast the first day was at Corner Bakery. If you’re ever in Buckhead, I highly recommend it (especially the maple-pecan bars…yum!). You place your order and they give you a number and bring your food to you.

The lady delivering the food on Friday just absolutely made my day. She was an older lady, probably in her 70’s or so. She hugged every patron and told them something along the lines of “have a blessed day.” That wasn’t exactly what she said, but something like that. She put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. (Well, except for when I almost got hit by a car for the second time, but that’s another tale to tell.)

Kris and Rachel

7. Almost getting run over. Okay, that’s probably not really a “highlight,” but it’s noteworthy. The similarities:

  • Both times I had the “walk” sign.
  • Both drivers were female.
  • Both looked right at me with a look that just dared me not to get quickly out of their way.

Atlanta drivers are not nice.

8. The amazing food. I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’ve heard the food is amazing. This food was very cruise-like. We had lunch and dinner at Maggiano’s. If I am ever in the Buckhead area again, I will make it a point to eat there. Yum!

Jamie and Tricia

9. The t-shirt. I love a good t-shirt. I meant to have Brianna take a photo of me in my Savvy Blogging Summit 2012 shirt for this post, but I forgot and, well, now it’s in the washer, wet. It says, “I’m kind of a big deal on the Internet.”

It makes me smile every time I see it. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not, but it’s a funny conversation starter.

10. The partners. I am so thankful for every brand that worked with the Savvy Blogging team to make this year’s conference a reality. From those who paid for meals in swanky restaurants to the SwagBucks team who obviously speak the love language of bloggers because they covered the cost of Wi-fi for all attendees, the partners were wonderful.

I’m already getting excited about Savvy Blogging Summit 2013!

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    1. Me either! I had a wonderful time. Oh, and in case you wondered, somehow I wound up with only one photo of us together and it was blurry. *sigh*

  1. I had to laugh at Angie’s comment! This was so many kinds of fun because of friends – especially the late night brainstorming sessions. What a wonderful round up you shared. You hit all the highlights! Love your photos. And, yes, that sweet lady at the Corner Bakery was all about serving food with love. So happy to have met you in person, Kris!

    1. I loved finally getting to meet you, too, Tricia. Thank you, again, for letting me bum a ride with you and your husband!

  2. Kris, It was great to meet you and I’m glad we were able to get you all setup. We had a great time and your write up of Savvy gets us even more excited about 2013! Hope to see you again!

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