7 Things That Make Homeschool Moms Squeal Like Giddy Fangirls

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Some things that cause excitement for homeschool moms that just seem weird to the rest of the world. (And, of course, they already think we’re weird.)

Giddy fangirls? Homeschool moms?

Yeah, sometimes.

homeschool moms fangirls

And just a quick shout-out to the homeschool dads. Yes, I know you’re out there. And I know that these things likely apply to you, too, but do you really want me comparing you to giddy fangirls?

1. The Sound of the Delivery Truck

It doesn’t matter if it’s UPS, FedEx, or USPS. When we hear those delivery trucks, and we know they’ve got something for us, there is giddy squealing.

Okay, sometimes even if we don’t know they’ve got something for us because what if they do? What if we ordered something we forgot about? You never know. Sometimes it happens.

2. Next Year’s Curriculum

Y’all. Seriously. Next year’s curriculum is always so much more fun than this year’s curriculum. It’s all shiny and new and full of promise, and we can’t wait to start using it.

(I just got most of mine, and that stack of books is a thing of beauty.)

That euphoria usually lasts until Week 2 of the new school year. If we’re lucky.

3. Art Supplies

“Oh, my gosh! Look at these gorgeous paints! Oh, my word! Look at these fantastic markers.”

Then, we lock them up in a cabinet marked, “Mom’s Stuff! Danger! Do Not Use Without Express Written Consent and Under Direct Supervision.”

This cabinet is also known as “The Place Where Great Art Supplies Go to Die.” That’s right. They’re never to be seen again until the paint is a dry, cracked mess, and the markers are too dried-out to draw more than a circle.

I recently went through my art box to see what I had that my niece might like. There was so much fantastic stuff in there. Stuff that had never been used. I got excited all over again. And, I still haven’t used it.

4. A Day at Home Alone

If you’re a homeschooling mom, your heart just skipped a beat when you read that. Yes, we love our kids. Yes, we enjoy spending time with them.

But, we do spend time with them. Every. Single. Day.

An empty house makes me want to do cartwheels.

I don’t because then I would be in the hospital, not at home basking in my day alone. But I think about it.

If you’re an introvert who is a homeschool mom, we just bonded over the words “home alone.” You know it’s true.

But let’s be virtual BFFs, m’kay? Because, we’re friends and all, but not if you come over and disrupt my alone time.

5. School Supplies

Spiral notebooks and composition books. Every year, I stock up on them when they’re something like $0.10 and $0.50 a piece.

And, every year I have to find new places to store them because I still have leftovers from the year before. I know this when I buy them, but I can’t resist when they’re so cheap. We might need them.

7 Things That Make Homeschool Moms Squeal Like Giddy Fangirls

Freshly-sharpened, Ticonderoga pencils.

See? You just squealed. I heard you.

Does anyone other than homeschooling moms care enough about pencils to have a brand preference? (Okay, probably artists.) Come on. You know it’s true. And, if you don’t have a brand preference, I bet you’ve got mechanical versus standard pencil preference.

And, don’t even get me started on new crayons.

6. Planners

I heard you. You squealed again. You know what’s bad? Many of us have more than one. I love the planners from A Plan in Place – teacher, student, early-learner. They’re all fantastic.

Google calendar? We’re BFF’s!

And, it may not exactly be a planner, but it’s the same idea – the Tick Tick app. All the heart-eyes, y’all.

7. A Warm Sunny Day in the Middle of Winter

Or a warm sunny day in the middle of what is supposed to be spring but still feels like winter. Those days mean it’s time to put the books aside and go to the park or on a nature walk. They mean it’s time to grab a blanket and read outside or throw open the windows and do school-light with the breeze ruffling the papers.

Those unseasonably warm days mean spring is almost here. That means that we’ve almost survived another homeschool year that started getting really long sometime around January.

Those days mean that summer is not too far away and we can take a break, put away the books, and not think about school for a while.

That feeling lasts about 2 or 3 weeks. Then we start drooling over next year’s curriculum and planning the brand-new year that we’re suddenly oh-so-excited about.

How many of these things made you squeal like a fangirl? What did I miss?

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Kris Bales is a newly-retired homeschool mom and the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest founder (and former owner) of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. Kris and her husband of over 30 years are parents to three amazing homeschool grads. They share their home with three dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon, and seven birds.

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  1. “I recently went through my art box to see what I had that my niece might like. There was so much fantastic stuff in there. Stuff that had never been used. I got excited all over again. And, I still havenโ€™t used it.”

    I can’t tell you how glad I am that you wrote this…I thought I was the only homeschooling mom who did this! . Homeschooling has given me the most satisfaction of anything I’ve ever done, but also the most guilt, because of all the items I’ve purchased that I thought would make our schooling great but never got used. The guilt is not just for the money wasted, but for all the lost potential, and for the (admittedly romantic) vision I had of what our schooling would look like, and wasn’t. It’s been a difficult thing to let go of all that guilt and all those supplies, but there are 14 boxes full of both in my basement waiting to make someone else’s vision (hopefully) come to life in their school.

  2. I’m reading this right now in my empty house, because my husband just took our son out shopping for me for my birthday. I don’t really CARE what they come home with — I’m alone in the house!!!

    Yesterday, they let me be alone in the MALL!

    I’m spoiled, I tell you.

  3. So fun to read this! Iโ€™m not the only one! Especially the art supplies and time alone. My youngest just gave up naps so I am going a little crazy. The excitement about all the new things really makes sense with what I learned recently about dopamine being associated with new stuff and experiences.

  4. Ticonderoga pencils! Haha!

    The other day when my husband came home from work, he told me that he had just bought the best pencils in the world. I immediately asked, โ€œOh, you mean Ticonderoga No. 2?โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Love this!! All of this! This is me to a t. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ How about finding cheap books at the thrift store, Goodwill, or yard sales! That for sure makes me squeal like a fan girl! I found a collection of classic literature in amazing condition at a local thrift store. I was thrilled!

  6. Doesn’t everybody love Ticonderoga pencils and delivery trucks? You just described me to a T. Get out of my head, lol.

    Thank you so much for the post. You are an excellent writer.

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