How-To Writing for Elementary Writers

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Written by Tara Mitchell of Homeschool Preschool.

Writing is a vital skill for all students. However, it’s not always easy to teach good writing skills. It’s important that we homeschooling moms make writing useful so that it engages young students. For many kids, writing needs to have a purpose, because they don’t enjoy it.

One way to engage young writers is to teach them to write a how-to paper. Writing directions is something they’ll have to do into adulthood. So, it’s important to get them excited about writing at a young age.

How-To Writing for Elementary Writers

To make it a little easier to teach your children to write a how-to paragraph, download this fun and free how-to writing activity pack.

Steps for Using the How-To Writing Activity Pack

First, have your student cut out the pictures they’ll need for their writing assignment. They can choose between building a sundae or a snowman. Discuss with your student the order in which they would complete that particular task. For instance, what steps would they use to make a s’more? Have them place the picture cards in the correct order in which the steps should be completed.

Next, have them glue each of the images on the writing page. There are two styles of writing lines included in this pack to accommodate your writer. Again, talk about the order in which each step is completed. This will help your child order his thoughts before he begins writing.

How-To Writing for Elementary Writers

Then, have your child write (or dictate) a sentence or two for each step of the process. Once they’ve got their thoughts on paper, help them edit for spelling and punctuation before moving on to the final step.

Finally, have your student write a final copy of their how-to paragraph on the last page in the activity pack. Remind them to be careful about spelling and punctuation. They can illustrate the edges or bottom of the page if they’d like.

What’s your favorite way to teach writing to young writers?

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  1. These are really cute printables. I don’t actually teach writing to my kids. I just have them write a lot, and then I give them tips on what they should or could do to make things better. I’ve never actually had them write a how-to, though. What a great idea! I know what we’ll be doing soon. 🙂

  2. These are great. My 3 year old is still too young for most of this but it will help me use a puzzle he got that shows steps of aging, making things, washing cars, etc. Thank you – these worksheets have given me some ideas.

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