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As a mom, you know what’s as exciting as something exciting and totally unexpected happening to you?  Something exciting and totally unexpected happening to one of your kids.  I got a phone call Saturday that, I swear, made me at least as giddy as I knew Brianna would be when she found out…but I couldn’t say anything until Monday.  I was that caffeine patch lady again.  It was torture!

My mom called.  She and my step-dad were at the store looking at a laptop that was on sale.  You may recall that Brianna really, really wanted a laptop for Christmas, but we couldn’t find one in our price range.  We gave her a jar, labeled “Laptop Fund” and got her started with a little cash.  She also got cash from two sets of grandparents and her great-grandmother, so she was well on her way.  We expected that she’d be able to get a laptop for her birthday.

Then, my mom called on Saturday.  She wondered if Brianna would like the laptop she was looking at.  Um, yeah!  She said that, if Brianna would be willing to put in the money she had, she and Charlie would pay for the rest.  I was so excited for her!!  They said they’d bring it by on Monday.  It was all I could do not to let the surprise slip during the weekend.

Was she excited?  Oh, yeah!  I think she’s only been off the laptop long enough to sleep, eat and do her schoolwork (the part that she can’t do on her very on laptop) since Monday.

Christmas laptop

And, I think my mom and Charlie are up for “World’s Coolest Grandparents” award.

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  1. Congratulations, Brianna for the laptop. Too awesome of your grandparents to help!

    So, Kris, now you and Brianna can tweet to one another from across the house. Hee, hee. ; )

  2. That's so exciting! I think you all will find it helpful as she gets older and needs more time on the computer to do school work.

  3. That is so cool! I am happy for her. We hopefully will get Tabby one for her birthday in April. Which one did she get?

  4. What a fun surprise! Nice grandparents, wow. Now, will all your other kids keep track of this and expect it? 🙂

  5. @ MommaMindy — Well, my ds, whose birthday is in December, has talked Nannie into an early birthday present around September/October for the last two years just because he wanted some big ticket item (not as "big ticket" as a laptop, but still), so he shouldn't be expecting anything. Um, my youngest…yeah, she might start working on something soon. 😉

    Truthfully, though, so far, they've both just really been excited for Brianna, which is nice to see.

  6. WOW!!! How wonderful! Not only does she get a laptop, but even more…she won't want to use *YOUR* laptop! 😉

  7. That's awesome! My daughter recently received her own laptop (from Grandma & Grandpa too). It's been great having an extra computer available for research, word process and all other things school-related. 😉

    -Christina S. Team Member

  8. Exciting! If she's like my kids, it will be a couple more days before you really see her again…apart from the laptop that is!:)

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