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As we wrap up 2013, it’s fun to look back and remember all that happened this past year. As you wait for the ball to drop or the fireworks to go off or whatever you do to ring in the New Year, I thought I’d supply you with some reading material to pass the time.

I’ve noticed that lots of bloggers are listing their top posts of 2013, but I like the idea of sharing the “most” posts of 2013. You can join the “most” posts link-up at Amongst Lovely Things.

Post with the most clicks: Hands-down, the post with the most clicks last year was 10 Things You Should Know About Homeschooling Moms. That makes me happy because it was fun to write and didn’t generate too much controversy. Y’all know I’m the non-confrontational sort, right?


Post with the most comments: The post with the most comments was actually the 10 things you should know post, too. However, since I already used that one, I’ll go with the post in the #2 spot: 10 Lies People Believe About Homeschooling Families.  To think that I almost fell for #6. {grin}


Post with the best picture: Okay, this one was a little cheatish (yes, that’s a word). I didn’t really want to go look at all the photos I took in 2013, so I figured that since I’ve actually gone (several times) to last week’s Weekly Wrap-Up post just to look at the adorable photo of my newest niece giving Brianna a “what in the world are you doing” look, that would be the one I’d choose for the best picture category. See what I mean? Adorable!


Post that was the hardest to write: I chose 10 Things I’d Change if I Could Have a Homeschool Do-Over as my hardest post to write based on the fact that it’s often hard to admit to areas in which you messed up or know you could have done better. Hopefully, my reflections will help some of you who aren’t as far along in your homeschooling days as I am.


Post that was my personal favorite: My personal favorite post of 2013 is probably 10 Clues That You Might be a Homeschool Parent, just because it’s the funny, light-hearted kind of stuff I like to do – and a quick read, which is something I usually don’t do.


And, finally one last post that wasn’t a “most” posts category. The post I thought was worth a reread: I chose 50 {More} Random Acts of Kindness That Can Be Done From Home.  That’s because I totally failed at doing a random act of kindness every day in 2013. I will say that I did more than I did the year before, but I want to do better this year.

I think I’m not even going to try for one a day because if I miss a day or two, I figure I failed and I quit. Yeah, I know. It’s a sickness. So, anyway, I think I’m going to shoot for two a week. Hopefully, I’ll do more, but if I don’t, hey, 104 nice gestures is better than none, right?

In an effort to try to do better, I printed off this list and the first 50 so I can put them somewhere more visible and, hopefully, be reminded to do them more often.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I was so excited to see that you had linked up! 🙂 I enjoyed all of these posts- and especially loved the 10 Things You Should Know About Homeschool Moms. I somehow missed the 10 Things you’d change, so I’m off to check out that one now. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  2. I’m so glad you put this list together because I’d missed some of these fab posts (subscribing by email now so I don’t miss any more).
    Congratulations on the safe arrival of your niece – that look is priceless!!
    As for acts of kindness … let me take this chance to thank you for everything you kindly share here, and for hosting the wonderful link-up week in, week out. Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and successful 2014!

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