Mother’s Day

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Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.– Psalm 127:3

style="COLOR: #cc0000">In my thirteen (almost!) years as a mother, I have had Mother’s Days that can only be described as disappointing. This year wasn’t one of them. God reminded me, very early in the day, that without my children, I wouldn’t be a mother. Without them, the second Sunday in May would be just like any other day. My children are what makes Mother’s Day special. My disappointments have come from the days that I’ve taken my eyes off that truth.

Despite having a severely sprained ankle and torn ligaments in his foot, my husband took my oldest daughter shopping Saturday evening. She wouldn’t let him forget. 😉 Sunday, morning, she gave me the sweetest little cartoon-y card and I had to fight not to get overly emotional about it. The card was simple, really, but it mentioned all the things that a mom does that her children seem to take for granted. And, the fact that Brianna chose that card let me know that she really doesn’t take those things for granted. She also gave me three beautiful roses. She said that she wanted a bigger arrangement, but I assured her that three was perfect — one for each of my blessings. (Well, I guess I needed one more, since Brian is also a blessing.)

Megan was upset that Brianna wouldn’t let her sign the card. Brianna wanted it to be from her. So, I told Megan that she could make me a card after church. She decided to make me a book instead. She folded a piece of construction paper over and got Dad to help her staple some blank, white paper inside. Then, she wrote from her heart. I know it was from her heart because she kept coming up to Brian and whispering to him, asking him to help her spell some words, but the words were hers. She wrote that she loves me and that I love her and that I cook and take care of the family. Then — my favorite part — I,l love her all the time. [Translated: I’ll love her all the time.] Isn’t that sweet how she remembered and tried to use the contraction for I will?? That kind of thing warms the heart of a homeschooling mom. Seriously.

In between the delivery of all these sweet cards, Brian took me to my favorite restaurant, Chili’s, for lunch. My mom, step-dad, aunt and niece, who came to church with us, ate with us, too. After lunch, Brian told me to drive to Circuit City. Like I said, he hurt his foot last week playing basketball, so he wasn’t able to do much shopping. He bought me my very own iPod! I was more excited than I thought I’d be. I’ve been borrowing Brianna’s when I walk and exercise, but it’s so much fun having my own that I can put my own music on — and podcasts!! I feel like I’ve been introduced to a whole new world! LOL I’ve been listening to archived messages by Chuck Swindoll online whenever I have time…which isn’t often. Now, I’m subscribed to the podcast and can listen to the messages while I walk each day. I’m so excited!

I fixed one of our family’s favorite meals for dinner last night. As I was cooking, Josh came to me and said he wanted to give me his Mother’s Day gift. He then proceeded to give me one of his awesome hugs. That kid gives the best hugs ever. I felt very loved and appreciated by my family…and very blessed by my God.
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