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I spent some time this weekend making some multiplication practice games for Josh and Megan.  I thought they’d make a nice addition to our workboxes.  I got the idea from Jimmie, over at Jimmie’s Collage, in her posts: Learning X9 Facts and Learning X8 Facts, then, I modified them a bit to work with the materials I had available.

I made an 8’s tables file folder game almost exactly like Jimmie’s, using the “matchbooks.”  I may decide to modify this one later since I realized that I’ll have no way to check that it’s actually been done and been done correctly and I have two who might just try to get away with saying they did it when maybe they didn’t.  I’m just sayin’.

math file folder games
multiplication fact practice games

For the 9’s, I loved Jimmie’s idea of helping her daughter see the pattern — a pattern that I had never seen in that particular light until I saw it on Jimmie’s blog.  I decided that I really wanted this to be another file folder game so that all the pieces could be easily stored and easily slipped into one of the kids’ workbox folders.  So, I used some library pockets and blank 2X3 cardstock flashcards that I already had.

I cut the library pockets in half, taping up one end of the ones that wound up open on both ends, so that when they flashcards were placed inside, the numbers could still be easily seen.  I wrote the 9’s facts on the library pockets and glued them into a file folder with an extra one to store them in.  Then, I filled up two sets of flashcards with the numerals 0-9 and two freebies — 99 and 108.  (No, there’s no rhyme or reason to the color scheme…just using up the remaining pockets that I had from when I made our chore chart.)

file folder math games

I’m going to have the kids lay the flashcards out in two sets, each in numerical order and two cards must go into each library pocket, so that, hopefully, they’ll soon see and remember the number patterns.

multiplication facts

Finally, I did a couple of easy-to-create sets of cards for the 4’s and 6’s.  I simply wrote the multiplication fact on one card and the answer on another, shuffling the answers.  Then, I put the facts and answers, along with 12 paperclips into snack bags.  The kids can match the fact to the answer and paperclip them together so that I can check them when I check their completed work each evening.

times tables practice

I’m hoping this will prove to be a simple and somewhat fun way to practice some of the harder multiplication tables each day and, thanks to the workboxes, I shouldn’t have to nag.

Have you created any games that your kids enjoy and that complement workboxes nicely?

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  1. I am looking for the pockets! I am wanting to make some games for the addition facts. I bought a punch that looks like a tag, but can't find ready-made pockets or a pocket punch. I will put math facts on the tags, then slip them into the pockets, so you can see all the facts that make up 4, 8, etc. I love making my own manipulatives, so glad I found your site.

  2. Nice! My daughter is just getting into multiplication and this is coming at just the right time. Thanks for posting the pics, too, for us visual types.

  3. You are a creative mommmy!
    Also, good for you, coming up with a Twilight unit study. I'm sure there are lots of good Christian themes and morals in the story.

  4. Ooohhhh… you so "ran with" my idea. Awesome file folder games. LOVE it, girl! I got like a gajillion comments on the multiplication thing. It seems obvious that we HS moms are really working hard to get the facts in those children's brains!

    We played bingo with x8s yesterday until I wanted to puke. (But she loves it.) Today did she remember them? NO. Keep trying…. keep repeating… keep playing Bingo.

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