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I went into a national office supply store tonight to purchase a long-awaited presentation easel. I bought a cheap one last year and have hated it almost since I got it. It was way too flimsy, with my dry erase board falling more times than I can count, and almost too wobbly to be able to write on the board.

So, I’d decided, after checking Freecycle, Craigslist and the thrift stores, that I was just going to have to bite the bullet and pay the $70+ for a good one. So, we went into the store tonight and I took the easel to the cashier.

It rang up for $35.99.

Brian and I looked at the total, then, at each other, then back at the cashier as I asked, “Is this the right price?”

She read from the screen, “$35.99.”

Me: “Okay, but this says something about it being an oak one. This one is aluminum and it’s supposed to be $69.99.”

Cashier (looking at me as if I’ve suddenly grown two heads): “Let me check the computer.”

The computer shows that it’s supposed to be $69.99. She takes the easel and walks across the store to the manager. While she’s gone, I explain to Brian that the last time my integrity was tested like this, I did not take the high road…and the guilt that I experienced was oppressive. I prayed God’s forgiveness and told him that I would never again sell my integrity or my witness for a little bit of money.

Brian’s on board.

The cashier comes back and says that they’re going to sell it to me for the price that it rang up. I tell her that’s okay by me; I just wanted it to be their decision, not mine.

As we left, I asked Brian if he’d have been mad at me if she’d come back and charged me $69.99. Nope. That’s why I like him.

Isn’t this awesome??


I told the kids that we might just have to start school tomorrow. I won’t tell you what they said. It wasn’t nice. Where are those kids who love learning for learning’s sake?

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