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You know those times when you middle or high school student is having a difficult time understanding something and you either don’t know enough about it to help or are unable to explain it in a way that makes sense? Or those times when you’d like to supplement your homeschool math and science lessons with something interactive and fun?

Uzinggo Review

Uzinggo can help with that. With thousands of interactive math and science lessons, Uzinggo uses practical examples that kids can relate to everyday life to explain complex concepts.

Uzinggo is a subscription service, offering a variety of price packages for both middle and high school students, with a math option, science option, or math and science combo. Subscriptions are available monthly or you can save money by purchasing a yearly subscription.

There is also a free 3 day trial, if you want to check Uzinggo out a bit for committing.

Uzinggo online math and science lessons

Your middle or high school student can explore topics such as:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I& II
  • Geometry
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Middle school sciences such as: Earth and space and life sciences

The lessons can be watched in order or you can skip around to topics of interest or search for specific topics that your student may be struggling to understand. That means that you could use Uzinggo as your complete math curriculum (or science), use it to shore up areas of difficulty, or just use it to have more fun exploring the topics that excite your kids.

We quickly discovered that we really like the “zings” that include the mouse icon – that means that they’re going to be interactive and fun!

uzinggo interactive lessons

When you find that little mouse icon, you can do things like manipulate a triangle to better understand terms such as acute, obtuse, and right or scalene, isosceles, and equilateral. You can get a better grasp on genetics by cross-pollinating pea plants. Megan’s and my personal favorite, though, was figuring the atomic weight of elements and placing them in their correct spots on the Periodic Table.

Uzinggo online interactive science lessons

The triangle was a close second, though. It was really cool to drag it around and watch the terms change based on the shapes and angles. Being able to manipulate it and see the changing terms as it moved made the abstract terms easier to grasp.

The Gaming Element of Uzinggo

Most kids today are into gaming in some form or fashion and are motivated by earning points. Uzinggo capitalizes on that motivation using “zings.” Each topic is a “zing path.” Kids can follow the zing path from start to finish or skip around. They earn zings based on the time spent on each activity.

Users can:

  • Create avatars
  • See how they rank against other players on the leader board
  • Earn badges for things like consistently logging in
  • Use their zings to unlock virtual pets to care for or enter sweepstakes for prizes such as Amazon gift cards
  • Use their zings to make donations, such as providing fresh water to Africa, planting a seed to fight hunger, or sending relief to Haiti

Uzinggo Math and Science Review

Is it just me or does anyone else find it really cool that kids can use their earned points to help others? I mean, if my kids want to earn online pets to care for or enter sweepstakes for gift cards, I’m not going to make them feel guilty for it, but I think it’s empowering for kids to feel like they can really do something to help someone else.

For the record, my kid haven’t done anything with their zings yet, but Megan is saving hers to send dog treats to a shelter pet. I’m telling you, that kid is going to work in an animal rescue when she’s older.

Uzinggo Parent Dashboard

Parents can keep track of their student’s progress through the parent dashboard. You can see which lessons your student has completed, how many points he’s earned and what his assessment scores were. A pie chart shows where you student has spent his time on Uzinggo.

The parent dashboard also offers tips for using Uzinggo, including ideas for student goal-setting. You can manage all your students’ accounts from the dashboard, but it’s worth noting that in order for each of your students to have their own accounts, they’ll need their own email addresses and subscriptions. Only one student can be associated with each email address because that is also their login.

Uzinggo reviews

You can also search all the lessons through the parent dashboard. That means you can preview them…or, you know, play.

Uzinggo Extra Features

Not only does Uzinggo offer online assessments to check students’ progress and comprehension, but you can also print off extras such as printable assessments, worksheets and, teacher guides, and course descriptions. That means that a student can work offline and both student and parent can review the material and make sure that it is fully understood.

If you want to try Uzinggo, you can do so for 15% off! Use coupon code Uzinggo_TR7u to receive your discount on either a monthly or yearly subscription. Code expires October 31, 2013.

You can also enter to win a one year subscription to Uzinggo! Follow the directions on the RaffleCopter widget below to enter.

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  1. Honestly, all of the first four lessons in Uzinggo would help my 13-year old daughter! She is struggling with math and I battle with her about wanting to be on the computer all the time. This will give her what she needs combined with what she likes!

  2. My daughter is filling gaps getting ready for pre-algebra and algebra. The Pre Algebra and Algebra foundations modules look like just what she needs!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I am at the point in some of my sons high school course that are over my head! I help anyway I can but not having taken some of the courses he is makes for a very big barrier!!! We are going to see if this helps. I really like the monthly option.
    Again, thank you so very much for your reviews…..your good deed is done for the day!!! You need to grab some sweet tea and put your feet up and enjoy the rest of today!

  4. I’ve been looking for some new math curricula. This is definitely worth more investigation! Love the gaming element of it.

  5. I would definitely use the Basic Numbers portion for the ,mulitiples and Factors lessons and the Physics lessons too. Right now she is doing Forces and Motion, so extra lessons on those would be great! I would LOVE to win this!!

  6. Uzzinggo looks really neat. And what a great opportunity to win a subscription! Thank you for the review, and especially the screenshots. Looks like an awesome program.

  7. My grandson would greatly benefit from all of these too. He’s struggling in math and is just starting the 9th grade. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance to win this !

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