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A few weeks ago, I went to the Easy Grammar website to see what I needed to order for Josh and Megan’s upcoming school year. You probably already know that we’re huge fans of Easy Grammar at our house. So, I was beyond thrilled to find that the Easy Grammar folks have recently added several new books to their line-up: a whole new high school level series! They were kind enough to send me the 8th and 9th grade books to review for you.

I often wondered what I was going to do when Brianna got through Easy Grammar Plus and the corresponding Daily Grams book, which were formerly the last in the series. I’d had lots of people tell me that high school level language arts is all literature and composition — that grammar is learned up until that point and is used, rather than taught, throughout high school. That makes sense, but it doesn’t change the fact that many kids – mine included – tend to have a use or lose it relationship with previously learned concepts.

Apparently the folks at Easy Grammar know that, too. They have created the perfect new complement to any high school language arts program: Easy Grammar Ultimate Series. Currently available for 8th, 9th, and 11th grades, with 10th and 12th coming soon, these daily teaching lessons are set up just like the popular Daily Grams books. However, while the Daily Grams books are set up as daily review, the Ultimate series books may require some teaching – or at least some discussion – at the beginning. In addition, the sentence combining portion is written to on touch history, culture, nutrition and more.

Like the regular Daily Grams series, the Ultimate series books are set up in a cyclical review style, so that previously learned concepts are constantly being reviewed and built upon as increasingly complex concepts are being learned. Best of all, like the Daily Grams series, the Ultimate series is designed to be completed in 5-10 minutes each day, which will allow older students to easily incorporate daily review into their overall language arts courses throughout their high school career, ensuring that concepts are honed, rather than forgotten.

Each of the current books is available in both a teacher’s edition ($24.95), which contains the answers in the back of the book, and a student edition ($12.95), without the answers.

It looks, to me, as if Wanda Philips and Easy Grammar have another winner on their hands. As I’ve said before, all three of my kids love grammar.

Could there be a better endorsement for a grammar program?

I received these products free for the purpose of reviewing them.  I received no other compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions.  Your experience may vary.

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  1. We're all huge fans of Easy Grammar here. I'm glad to see there is more for HS level now!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I'm tempted to put aside our R&S and buy Easy Grammar.
    I was looking at a sample page and she gives a definition for a possessive but doesn't actually label it as "possessive". In general, does the author tell the students what the grammatical terms are?

  3. Genevieve,

    Yes, Dr. Phillips uses the correct terminology for the parts of speech and grammar terms. It could be that possessives hadn't been taught yet on the page you looked at. It seems that she may not use the terminology for things that haven't been taught yet. My kids are 4th and 5th grade and possessives are referred to as such in their books.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Hi there,
    Any guidance for starting mid stream? This is our second full year of homeschooling. Last year I (somewhat successfully) did Junior Analytical Grammar with my 5th grader. It was awesome…and I’m pretty sure he’s forgotten everything. So, now I’m looking closely at Easy Grammar and Easy Grammar Ultimate for my 6, 9, 11, and 14 year olds as a solid long-game doable program. My question is: Where should I start them? My 14 year old is very bright but EXTREMELY high energy and impatient so the short and sweet bites of this program would, I think, work out well for him. I tried Analytical Grammar with him and it was a TOTAL FAIL lol. We ditched it after a couple of weeks, did some Junior analytical grammar, and then even ditched that in order to focus on basic study habits, etc. Can this be started at grade level? placement test? or…?

    Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!

    Marianna T

    1. You can usually get help by contacting the curriculum company you’re considering using. Many times, they have people on staff who are happy to help parents who have questions about placement or how to use the curriculum, etc. 🙂

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