Project 365-ish: Week 1

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Thanks to Rachelle for giving me a more appropriate name for my photography project this year.  I’m really enjoying having this challenge to use my camera every day.  This is part of my creating Time for Mom in a way that has the potential to include my kids, too.  A couple of times this week, Megan pulled out her camera, too.

What have you done this week to make time for nurturing your creative side?

4-365 Garmin

4/365: I love when the UPS man brings fun stuff!  I haven’t had much opportunity to really use my Christmas present to me, but it was fun using it to get to the mall last week.  Yes, we’re ignoring the fact that I could drive to the mall with my eyes closed.

5-365 X Spot

5/365:  X marks the spot where the Christmas tree stood.  I wound up taking it down with some help from Josh since Brian was still sick with the flu and I couldn’t take it anymore.  It’s the first time I’ve ever disassembled the Christmas tree.  Have I ever mentioned that it’s a huge, 9-foot tall monster?

6-365 Saturday Breakfast[61]

6/365:  Saturday morning breakfast.  Saturday is the only morning I fix breakfast and we go all out – usually eggs, bacon, hash browns and either buttermilk pancake, waffles, or biscuits.  This last week it was waffles, which I haven’t made in awhile.  Yum!

7-365 Couponing[11]

7/365:  I’m determined to get back into couponing and saving money at the grocery store, which I used to do really well, this year, so I spent time Sunday clipping coupons.

8-365 Reading Buddies[10]

8/365:  Our first day back to school on Monday involved some reading in the “school room” with a couple of the other “students” (Dad and one of the dogs were curled up in the bed, too).

9-365 Educating Liv[10]

9/365:  Hey, Liv dolls need an education, too.

I had fun.  I know some of the photos are pretty pitiful, but I’ve enjoyed finding things to take photos of around the house.  In the past, my attitude has been, “We’re not leaving the house; there’s nothing here to take pictures of,” excluding unwilling kids, of course.  I’ve enjoyed the challenge of looking at things through more creative eyes.

What hobbies have you enjoyed this week?

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  1. I pulled out the sock knitting, made a list of things that need weaving, agreed to foster a third sewing machine (if the 26th loom needs to be in foster care at least I can pay it forward!) Kids are painting, drawing and making a model of the tabernacle using sculpey clay -gulp. creative doesn't flow here, it explodes.

  2. Auw, thanks for the reference,but I definitely didn't define the idea! Lol!
    You shots are very good, I like them!

  3. To someone who hasn't learned how to take good pictures yet, your pics. look great! Good for you for focusing on creative thinking!

  4. Good job, keep taking them.Your posts are such an encouragement about every day life,it will be fun to see what thoughts your photos bring.

  5. Good job! I am doing a 365 project to. For a minute there I thought I was behind! LOL! I was like it is only 5 days into the year right? I actually had to check the date. LOL! Do you use any coupon websites? I am addicted to http://www.southernsavers.com

  6. Yeah, I started a little early to give myself some cushion for the inevitable day that I forget.

    I've been using Southern Savers lately, too.

  7. Good luck with this. I had so much fun doing the Project 365 in 2010. Took 365 pictures and can't believe I followed through. It was a great experience..

  8. I got one of those for Christmas, too! The Garmin, that is 🙂 It takes me the wrong places though lol. Those places I know how to get to- it makes me turn down the wrong street. But it's pretty nifty!
    Good photos. It'll be neat to see the rest of your photos 🙂

  9. Every time I come to your blog, my heart is warmed by what you write, the way you write, and the things we have in common. I love photography. 🙂

  10. Kris,
    Great photos! You have inspired me to try this. I have always wanted to do Project 365, now that I have a good camera I really want to do this. My other project that I did this week was learning how to crochet. I still need LOTS of practice. Have a great weekend!

  11. The waffle photo makes me hungry! I started a new blog to motivate myself–it's specifically for "Time for Mom" kinds of things like hobbies. So hopefully I'll keep up with them. My goals for hobbies this year are practicing photography and piano (I'm not that great at either, but I enjoy them) and also reading more. Thanks for inspiring me! : )

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