Project 365-ish: Week 2

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I’ve had fun shooting photos this week.  There were a few days when I’d forget until almost the last minute, but with our snow there were lots of opportunities to get some fun photos, too.

10-365 Serve[12]

10/365:  Serve is my word for 2011.  It’s an attempt to remind me to put others ahead of myself.  These two signs are on our bulletin board to help us all remember to make it a point to do little unexpected acts of kindness for others each day.

11-365 Depression Quilt Bear[9]

11/365:  I bought this Depression quilt bear at a street fair probably about 18 years ago.  He’s the only stuffed animal that lives in my room.

12-365 Pencils[9]

12/365:  I love crossword puzzles – just about any type of word puzzles, really – and Ticonderoga pencils.  They really are the world’s best pencils.

13-365 Saturday at Home[9]

13/365:  A Saturday at home often results in a messy living room…but a good time was had by all.

14-365 Gus on Vent[11]

14/365:  Our cat, Gus, definitely knows how to stay warm.  If he’s not climbing in the dryer, he’s laying on the heat vents.  I don’t blame him.  It’s been cold around here lately.


15/365:  This is definitely one of my favorite photos from our snow day.  I’m going to have to get multiple copies of this one.

16-365 Duck Boots[9]

16/365:  Remember when these were in style?  No?  Well, let me help you out.  It was 1988.  Everybody was wearing them…everybody except me.  When I opened that Christmas present, I had to say, “Um, Mom, I really don’t think these are my style.”

She informed me that she hadn’t bought them for the style, she’d bought them for the snow – yes, we’d had one of those rare big Southern snows that year, too.  I’ve had them ever since.  They’re looking a little rough, but they still keep my feet warm and dry on those rare snow days.

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  1. Loved the duck boots. I have a pair, too. They're also great for gardening. (I'm done thinking about snow. Spring needs to hurry up and get here!)

  2. I love Ticonderoga pencils too! 🙂
    The boots are great. I always wanted a pair; *sigh*
    still don't have them. aren't you just the luckiest girl? Even if I had gotten them in 1988,my daughter is the only one who could wear them now!
    Your pictures are fun. I have been enjoying your blog–and i am SO GLAD you shared about Pandia–we are looking at History Odyssey for this year, and I had not heard of it before!

  3. Great photos, and I have to agree…Ticonderoga ARE the best pencils! I buy many, many boxes when they go on sale because they do seem to have feet besides writing well!

  4. I still have my pair of duck boots. I wear them when it snows, which isn't often, but they do the job everytime!

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