Project 365-ish: Week 4

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This week you’ll find out exactly why I started my 365-ish project early – because I’ve already used up all the cushion I had built in.  Yep, by this time next week, I’ll probably be behind.  That and that fact that I completely forgot to post my photos last week prove why the real Project 365 is not for me.


17/365:  Icicles.  Something a Southern boy doesn’t see very often.  Josh had an enormous icicle collection when we had our big snow.


18/365:  Ready for Spring!  You know that time of year when 39 degrees is a heat wave?  Yeah, I’m ready for that to be over.


19/365:  Sunspot.  Our pets will fight over this spot in the dining room on a sunny day.  Sometimes I feel like joining them there.


20/365:  The Tools.  My bodybugg and my new fitbook are my favorite weight-loss tools, as far as recording goes.  I don’t think I’d have done as well as I have in my weight-loss journey without my bodybugg and my fitbook has helped me to refocus after a period of languishing.


21/365:  Almost Gone!  Thankfully, our snow is now completely gone, but last week, we were starting to wonder.  Next to the driveway, where we’d shoveled, we thought it was never going to go away.


22/365: Tools of the Trade.  Is it just at my house where pencils are piled high on the table each week?  Surely not.


23/365:  It’s Not Delivery!  My crazy cat loves boxes…any kind of box, any size.


24/365:  Dog Tired.  Don’t you sometimes wish you could rest like a dog?  They can just flop down anywhere and look so relaxed and comfy.

Okay, I’m caught up now.  Now, to remember to take a photo every day and not get behind!

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  1. Love your pics! Isn't it funny how very interesting our daily life stuff can be when we look at it in a snapshot?:)

  2. I would love to know about that weather clock as well! Like where did you get it, what brand is it, what does it do?

    I too have pencils everywhere! We have a pencil basket piled high. Although with a new puppy in our home the pencil supply dwindles from those that are dropped on the floor and chewed up!

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