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Way back in the ancient days, when we began homeschooling, I was a unit-study-loving homeschooling mama. Our first curriculum was unit-study-based. We used it for about six months; then, I started writing my own unit studies. I had a Yahoo group and everything. Yeah, it was that long ago.

I enjoyed writing the studies but looking back I can only imagine how much more time I could have invested playing with my kids and learning alongside them if I’d just purchased some quality, ready-made unit studies. My kids would have loved the unit studies from Reading Escapades and Math Explorers.

Reading Escapades Unit Studies Review

About Unit Studies from Reading Escapades and Math Explorers

These fun and affordable unit studies are written by Christine Allen, Youth Success Coach and founder of the tutoring service Reading Escapades and Math Explorers. Although most of the studies are geared toward elementary students, there are titles suitable for older kids, such as the Comma Rules and Usage Packet and the How to Read a Book Study Guide.

The majority of the studies are $8 to $10, with a few of the more complex guides priced $12 to $20. With these engaging unit studies, you and your students can explore topics such as:

  • Ocean life
  • Reptiles
  • Community helpers
  • Inventors
  • Flowers
  • Holidays
  • Tall Tales
  • Symphony
Reading Escapades Unit Studies

There are also book discussions for popular books such as:

  • Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi
  • The Star Wars Jedi Quest series (Josh and I used to love those!)
  • The Magic Tree House: Day of the Dragon King by Mary Pope Osborne

What to Expect

The unit studies weave in a variety of subjects as related to each topic along with engaging hands-on activities with most using everyday household items. Subjects include:

  • Reading
  • Writing (Creative and handwriting)
  • Vocabulary
  • Math
  • Science
  • History/Geography
Reading Escapades Unit Studies

Each unit includes:

  • Book list with suggested but not required books – This is perfect for families with limited library access since you can use the books you have available.
  • Master supply list – This makes it easy to ensure you have everything you need before getting started.
  • Master activity list broken down by subject
  • Focus words with related activities
  • Hands-on activities for creative play, math, science, history, and geography

How to Use the Reading Escapades Unit Studies

Back when I wrote my own unit studies, I usually did so because I couldn’t find a ready-made study that fit our family’s needs. What I loved about the Reading Escapades unit studies is that they’re written as a framework. They provide a guide for exploring the topic with your child, but they’re not scripted or so detailed that you can’t make the unit study your own.

Reading Escapades Unit Studies

They include fun, educational, doable hands-on activities that don’t require a ton of prep work. I loved the fact that Christine made adjustments to the ocean levels activity in A Fishy Tale so that families aren’t needlessly wasting materials. The activities have a purpose and aren’t artsy-craftsy time-fillers.

With these unit studies, you can use the master supply list to make sure you have what you need for the activities; check out the book suggestions, adding your own if you like; and use the mater activity list to break down the unit, covering a little from each area every day.

They are available as a PDF download, so you’ll have immediate access to the studies when you purchase them. Right now, you can download the Star Wars and Space Unit Study for free to see what you think. WUHS can also save 20% on their unit study purchases now through August 31, 2018, using coupon code wuhs20.

Whether you’re looking for some fun, educational activities to fill the last few weeks of summer or an engaging way to kick off your school year, check out the Reading Escapades unit studies!

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