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One of the nice perks to blogging is definitely having people send me fun things to review and give away. The games from Out of the Box Publishing definitely fall in the “fun” category. I’ve mentioned one of the games, 10 Days in the USA, in a couple of my Weekly Wrap-Up posts. We’ve enjoyed playing that one as part of our Fifty State Fridays. We were also sent 10 Days in Europe, which, I expect, will be played quite a bit as we prepare for our homeschool group’s Around the World Day this fall.

The premise is similar in both games: Be the first player to travel from one point to another through a series of connections involving travel by plane, boat/automobile, or foot. It sounds simple enough…until you realize that you don’t get to choose the order in which you place your first ten games tiles in their card holders. You quickly realize that planning and strategy and a little bit of luck are required to successfully navigate your way to a win. More than once, we’ve thought we had it, only to realize that we didn’t have every connection needed.

My older daughter, Brianna, and I have become quite competitive and, even though the game is suggested for kids ages 10 and up, Josh and Megan have enjoyed playing, too. Although the game tiles do have some facts about the states (or countries), such as the capital, size and population, the educational aspect of these games is not about state facts and trivia, but, rather, geographical awareness and the critical thinking required to plan your strategy.

10 Days

The games are of a wonderfully high-quality construction. The game board and the tiles are very thick and designed for long life and heavy use and the card holders are solidly constructed wood. One of my favorites things about the games is that they’re simply very aesthetically pleasing. The states (or countries) appear as almost three-dimensional puzzle-type pieces on the game board. While doing our Fifty State Fridays, we actually used the game board for activities other than playing the game just because we liked the way it looked and all the states — even the little ones — are very clearly labeled.

10 Days Europe

There are currently four games in the 10 Days series, including Africa and Asia. Each sells for $24.99 and is designed for 2-4 players. In addition to the 10 Days games, Out of the Box offers a wide variety of fun, educational, award-winning games that you may recognize, such as Apples to Apples.

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  1. I'd love the 10 Days in Europe game. Many thanks to Out of the Box Publishing and to you! My email address is sherri at

  2. We are studying U.S. History and U.S. Geography concurrently this year, so we would definitely like the 10 Days in the US game. Thanks for offering another great giveaway Kris!

  3. Wow, they all look like fun! I've always wanted to go to Asia and Africa so those are really tempting. But I think if I had to pick one it would be the USA because that's what we're studying for the next 2 years.

  4. I have just recently found your blog and I must say I love it! Being new to homeschooling, I am constantly looking for more inspiration and I have found it here. I was excited to see the game 10 Days in The USA reviewed. I researched it after you mentioned it a few days ago. I immediately put it on my "short list" for this year. My children and I are going to study the USA using Man in The Map and would love to be included in the giveway for a copy of this game. Thank you for offering it. – Karen

  5. I think I'd probably go for 10 Days in the USA. I plan on teaching grades 1-3, but depending on the group of students I have, I could possibly play it with 3rd graders. The curriculum on the elem. level never gets out of the US, so this one would be the most practical.
    I think my family would probably have a blast playing this game too!

  6. What a wonderful resource. My 8 year old is taking an interest in geography now so we'd love to play this game. I find teaching through playing games is one of the best ways to make learning fun. My daughter is obsessed with Africa and their culture, so we'd go for that one!

    my email is myzerowaste AT gmail DOT com

  7. We are also studying American History this school year. I would love 10 days in the USA. Although it doesn't look like this game will help so much with the history, the geography would be great.

    [email protected]

  8. These games look great! We're studying American History and Geography this year, so the 10 Days in the US looks like it would be a great addition to our curriculum.

  9. Okay, I love Out of the Box publishing and now I'm jealous of your reviewer status πŸ˜‰

    While there are several games I'd like to have, the Tutankhamen game goes with our current study. But, the 10 Days in the USA would review what we did last year. Then again, I think that Backseat Drawing Junior might be the most fun for the whole family.

    Basically I could certainly find something awesome to get if I win the drawing!!

  10. Wow, great games! I think I would like the "10 days in the USA", but as I look my hubby would like "Backseat drawing"…his revenge… lol
    I think 10 days in the Holy Land might be interesting. [email protected](dot)com

  11. I would so love to win this, as I just found out OFFICIALLY that we are HAPPILY moving from East to West Coast. We're WA bound and taking our sweet time to get there.

    My kids love maps. I do not, this game might change that.

    [email protected]

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. We are working on US geography this year, HOWEVER, I think I would like the 10 Days in Africa game. So many countries, so little time. I think this game would be a great learning tool! Thanks. [email protected]

  13. I LOVE your blog, it is so inspiring. 10 days in the US sounds exciting! melissawzorek at yahoo dot com

  14. I like the looks of 10 Days in the USA. We're working on geography and would love a chance to have fun while we're at it!

  15. I've had my eye on these games for quite some while, but have never purchased them. I think they look great! They'd all be educational. My family could benefit from any one of them.

  16. they all look great! 10 days in europe is probably the first one i would want to try, though! thanks for hosting the giveaway! kyrie24 at gmail dot com

  17. Oh, I'm having such a hard time deciding you'd think I already won!! πŸ™‚
    Okay, I'll settle on the 10 days in Africa game since we're doing an African unit study in a couple of months.
    In case anyone's wondering, my second choice and big debate is the 10 Days in the US since we studied the states last year and I'm trying to incorporate lots of fun ways to keep our memories fresh.

  18. I would love a chance to win! Hard to decide but I think we will go with 10 Days in the US game. Thx!

  19. Oooh! Those look like great games! I'd love the Europe one, though the USA one would be a sure hit around here too…

    I just came by via a link from one of your comments somewhere… I know I'd been by before, but it's been a long time, so it was like new again!

  20. We are studying the US this year, so I would love to win the 10 Days in USA game. It sounds like a lot of fun…. and it's competitive. (always a given in my family). πŸ™‚

  21. First, I have to tell you that my son is in his first ever homeschool co-op class! I'm so excited.

    Second, every time I try to load the Out of the Box website, it crashes my browser.

    So, I can't tell you what I like on their sight. But I think the Apples to Apples game is cool.

    Can I still be entered for the Give Away?

  22. I just came across your blog. I'm a homeschooling mom to two boys and I'm also looking for ideas. Thank you for the time you put into blogging. And thank you for the giveaway. I like the 10 Days in the USA.
    [email protected]

  23. Oh man…they sure have a lot to look through. I'd have to say my favorite 10 Days would be the 10 Days in the USA game. We do a lot of traveling by car and we usually pass through at least 4 states at a time. I think this game would sure be fun — even for our wee ones.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  24. I'd love to own the 10 Days in the US game. We are going to start our own 50 States Fridays study this year… my boys both LOVE maps, and I am sure would have a blast playing this game… and won't their grandparents be impressed when they can outplay the "world travelers" Homeschooling rocks! πŸ™‚

  25. The 10 Days games look like fun. Actually all the games on that sight look good. I'd love to try them all but if I had to pick just one, I'd try Squint. I think it would be the most fun for the most people in this family.

  26. Zen Benders and Squint both look right up my alley! But 10 Days in the USA would be ideal! We've traveled 18 states, and my 6 & 9 year old girls are beginning to plot out their own itineraries as their geography knowledge grows. I hope I'm picked – randomly, of course! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing with us! JenPete (at) aol (dot) com

  27. All of them look fantastic! Since we are working on the 50 states (one per week) the 10 days in the US game would probably be the most beneficial for us at this time. Thanks for the opportunity, and for introducing us to great products on your blog.
    email: [email protected]

  28. Oh thank you Out of the Box for this chance and thanks Kris for the giveaway as well!! πŸ™‚

    I'd love the 10 Days in the US. My daughter is starting 1st grade and we are just starting History. She loves games, and I know would love learning with this great game and tool.

    Thank you for the chance. My email address is ourlab03 at gmail dot com

  29. I'd love the 10 Days in Asia game. We have the 10 Days in Europe game, and we love it! We have also played Apples to Apples, and it is one of our favorite group games; we play it every year at the beach with friends. Thanks! My email address is sandsmertz at gmail dot com.


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