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Have you ever had one of those times when you wanted to study something, but just couldn’t find exactly what you were looking for? That happened to Jessica, from Balancing Everything when her son decided he wanted to teach a geography class at his co-op. (How cool is that?)

Discover Africa Review

After narrowing his idea down to teaching about Africa, though, he and his mom, Jessica, couldn’t find the resources to comprehensively teach about each country in Africa – so, they created their own!

Discover Africa! is the result of their labor of love. This isn’t just any little notebooking ebook about Africa, though. This is a huge zip file ebook that contains notebooking pages for each and every country on the continent of Africa.

Africa Outline Maps

When you purchase Discover Africa!, you’ll be getting:

  • Full color flags for each country
  • Blank outline maps for each country
  • Six pages of full-color photographs sized to add to your notebooking pages featuring photos of people from each country in Africa
  • A 54-page notebooking set featuring blank notebooking pages for each country
  • A 54-page notebooking set featuring partially completed notebooking pages for each country
  • A 19 page resource guide that explains how to use the notebooking set and includes a list of resources for studying each country
  • A cover page, an outline map of Africa, and a map of Africa with the countries outlined
  • A file for a “merged book” which prints a complete book with maps and country pages together. There are instructions for how to print the full book so that maps and their corresponding countries are on facing pages.

Africa Notebooking Pages

Each notebooking page provides:

  • A map of the world with Africa highlighted
  • A map of Africa with that page’s country highlighted
  • The name of each country along with its official name
  • A place to list surrounding countries
  • A spot for photos of the types of clothing worn in that country (This is where those six pages of full-color photos come in.)
  • Room to list facts such as: population, capital city, government, currency, major religions, agriculture, landmarks, and more
  • A phrase to translate from that country’s language
  • A spot to include other interesting facts about the country (suggestions in the resource guide for what to include here)

Not only do you get all that, but Jessica even promises to send you an update if she changes a file because of things like border changes or flag revisions!

Kenya Notebooking Pages

We didn’t print out the entire book since a study of Africa doesn’t fit with what we’re doing in school right now, but we did print out the Kenya pages since little pieces of our heart live there in the form of our sponsored child, Nathan, and The Mercy House.

You can visit Jessica’s blog to learn more about Discovering Africa!, to download sample pages or to order your copy.

I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it. I received no other compensation for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions. Your experience may vary. Please read my full disclosure policy for more details.

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