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I have long been a fan of Amy Pak and all the products that she and her family offer at Homeschool in the Woods.  We’ve used her timeline figures for a couple of years now — probably even longer than that.

You know how the years start to run together after awhile.  Because I know the quality of the products that Amy offers, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her newest offering, Olde World Style Maps.

I was not disappointed.  Just like the timeline figures, these maps are beautifully hand-illustrated and, also as with the timeline figures, the huge variety of maps makes this set perfect for nearly any study.  The World Map set features maps of both the ancient and modern worlds.  The set of ancient maps are sure to enhance your study ancient civilizations, such as Greece and Rome.  There is also a nice selection of maps for Bible study, as well, including the twelve tribes of Israel and Paul’s missionary journeys.

Those of you who enjoy notebooking are going to love the fantastic notebooking pages.  And those of you who don’t utilize notebooking are probably going to be really tempted to start once you see all the great pages featuring such themes as explorers, missionaries, geography and timeline ruled pages.

And, that’s not all!  In addition to the maps and notebooking pages, you’ll also find country study pages with space for facts such as currency, land size, population, languages spoken, and country flag.  Where are you going to find all those country flags, you ask?  They’re included!  Full-color flags for nearly 50 countries come with the map set, so all you have to do is print them, cut them out, and paste them to the country fact sheets.


The United States map set is equally impressive, containing maps of each state, as well as historical maps.  You’ll find maps showing the locations of various Native American tribes (I can’t wait to use that one in the next week or so with our American history studies!), the original thirteen colonies and the expansion of the U.S., among others.

One of my favorite features of the U.S. map set is the state notebooking pages set.  There is a page for each state with space for students to fill out a wide variety of facts such as the state capital, state bird, and statehood date.  (Can you already see me making plans to get back to our Fifty State Fridays?)  Each page features an outline map of the state and a picture of the state bird and state flower for students to color.  There is also a full-color state flag set, so your student can cut out and paste each state’s flag on the state fact page — or, better yet, print them on full-sheet sticker paper and forget the paste. You could even make up games or personalized flashcards to help learn the states!

Both the World and United States map sets contain both labeled and unlabeled maps, giving you the ultimate flexibility in how to use them.  Even the little details are included, such as full-color and black-and-white covers and spine inserts in case you’d like to print out the entire map set to put in a notebook or simply have a neat, professional-looking notebook for the maps you choose to print and use.

I don’t mean to gush, but, as I said, I’ve always been a fan of the Homeschool in the Woods products and the Olde World Style map sets do not disappoint.  With so much detail and so many features, you may never have to search the Internet for printable maps again.  I was also really impressed with what I felt to be the extremely reasonable prices for the high-quality map sets.

They are only $18.95 each or $28.95 for both sets in the download version and, for only a dollar more, you can get them on CD at $19.95 each or $29.95 set.  (And, if it were me, at only a dollar’s difference, I’d totally spring for the portability and ease of accessibility of the CD set…but that’s just me.)  You can’t beat that for a product that you can use for all your students throughout their homeschooling years.

If you’ve never looked around the Homeschool in the Woods site, be sure to click around when you visit to take a peek at the maps.  They offer everything from the timeline figures I’ve already raved about mentioned to Hands-on History Activity Paks and the Time Travelers History Study Series.  I bet you’ll find something you love!  (If not, you’ll definitely find something I love.)

I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it.  I received no other compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions.  Your experience may vary.

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