Review: The Wonder of Your Love

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The Wonder of Your Love, by Beth Wiseman, is the story of Katie Ann, an Amish widow betrayed by her husband and raising her first child alone, and Eli, who has already raised his six children alone following the death of his wife seventeen years earlier.


A new empty-nester, Eli has no desire to raise a new family, but he can’t deny his attraction to Katie Ann, who isn’t sure she can entrust her heart to another man. However, they may soon find that God has other plans for them.

While I’m sure that author Beth Wiseman, who has written many books featuring the Amish, knows more about them than I do, I found that there were many things that pulled me out of the story because they just weren’t what I would have pictured about the Amish, who have always fascinated me.

For example, the fact that some of the characters in the book had cell phones. Really? Like I said, I’m sure the author knows more about them than I do, but that struck me as odd. Or the mention of things like baby monitors (battery operated, I suppose) and car seats (used in the buggy). Then there was the relative who was “English,” but had converted to the Amish way of life. That surprised me.

Little things like that pulled me out of the story a bit, but I did enjoy the plot line. It was a sweet story that kept me reading, despite being bothered by some of the things that seemed odd to me. While some of the relationships seemed to be a leap – like, I never could fully embrace Katie Ann’s relationship with Martha,which seemed such an odd stretch to me – there was more than just the main plot line to keep my interest.

For example, I appreciated the little side-stories that provide depth to the story, such as Katie Ann’s relationship with Dash the cat or the relationship the developed between Martha and a teenage girl (that I suspect will become another book in the series – I’ll have to read it if it does).

I love that the characters’ relationships with God are mentioned naturally and relevantly, not in a contrived way, bur rather because He is just a natural, full, meaningful part of their lives.

Although The Wonder of Your Love wasn’t my favorite of the many books I’ve reviewed, I did enjoy it…probably enough to seek out others in the series at my local library and definitely if the teenager I mentioned is featured in a later book.

The Wonder of Your Love is available at Amazon for $10.87 in paperback and $9.99 on Kindle.

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