The Room Is Finished!

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Well, it took Brian his entire week off (I knew it would; he was in denial), but Brianna now has her own room.  I posted some in progress pictures in this week’s Weekly Wrap-Up.  Here are some photos of the finished product:

Our new game/sitting room:

game room 1

See the toy box in the corner?  My grandfather made that for me my first Christmas.  He built it himself and the decorations are hand-painted.  I took some photos to share in another post.  Another angle:

game room 3

Yes, the couch is rather hideous (Sorry, Mom!  I know it was stylish when you bought it.), but it’s incredibly comfortable.  The air hockey table corner, which is rather crowded, but that monster of a table just wasn’t fitting anywhere else and I don’t want to get rid of it — it’s the only game (besides Clue) at which I consistently beat just about everybody:

game room 3 (1)

No, that’s not a bug on the pole; it’s a magnet.  Just in case you wondered.  And, finally, Brianna’s room:

room 1 (1)

See the kitten already making himself at home on the bed?  I think we might just have to name him “Spoiled.”  The walls are bare and the bedding set is borrowed (she and Megan were previously sharing bunk beds and  my sister gave her the bedroom suite), but she’ll get around to personalizing it and right now she’s just terribly happy to have her own space.

room 2 (1)

I think Brian did a fabulous job!  I’m very proud of him.  Him?  He’s just glad it’s done.

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  1. Rock on, Brian! That looks AMAZING! Brianna must be thrilled to bits about it. Fab job! Congratulations. : )

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