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I really enjoying doing See the Light Art reviews. Their Art Project DVDs have proven to be such a good fit for my family. We like that they’re relatively short, simple projects and that each DVD is a self-contained, four-part lesson. That means they’re easy to work into our homeschool day once a week or so.

See the Light Art Review



Once I discovered it, I knew we had to review See the Light’s Cartooning DVD.

The Cartooning DVD is different than the other Art Project DVDs. It’s not broken down into four individual lessons. It’s one project about 70 minutes in length. We just watched it all the way through in one sitting (well, mostly…we didn’t finish the last 10 or 15 minutes in the first sitting).

The DVD covers:

  • A brief history of cartooning
  • Line, space, and shape
  • Exaggeration and movement

I like that artist Pat Knepley always teaches drawing in relation to shape. For example, in the cartooning lesson, kids (and moms) start out drawing vegetables. You start out with a basic square before adding a more defined pepper shape for the bell pepper. This technique makes it much easier to achieve the desired shape – a real confidence-booster for budding artists.

Art Projects Cartooning Review

Students also spend time practicing lots of different eyes, noses, and mouths before moving on to drawing animals. Again, Pat encourages students to start with basic shapes – ovals and lines – and to pay attention to the composition – where everything fits on the page. With Pat’s step-by-step instruction and a split screen where you can watch her draw and see her paper at the same time, it’s easy to achieve something closer to the hoped-for results.

Art Projects Review

I thought this would make a great summer fun DVD that the girls might enjoy doing on their own (because I knew the boy wouldn’t – art is so not his thing). Megan and I wound up sitting down and watching the DVD together. My kids are very much into excessive screen time and sleeping in the summer. (I don’t know where they get that. Their mother isn’t like that at all. {ahem})

If you have kids that are a bit more self-motivated than mine or you’d like something perfect to pull out for a rainy day, I’d highly recommend See the Light’s Cartooning DVD.

Don’t misunderstand – it would be great to include in your regular homeschool day art lessons, too. I just think this is a great DVD for kids to sit down and do on their own because all they need is a pencil, an eraser, and some paper. To finish off the cartoons, they’ll need permanent markers, but the bulk of the lesson uses only pencil and paper.

how to draw cartoons

If you’d like to see for yourself, I’ve got a chance for you to win. One reader will win a copy of the Cartooning DVD from See the Light.

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  1. Our oldest would absolutely LOVE this dvd (and so would I)! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter to win.

  2. Oops! I forgot to mention what project we’d most like to try…Just about ANY of them! I never heard of this program, and it looks phenomenal!

  3. My son loves to make up his own comics. I think the cartooning lessons would be perfect, but those art classes look great, too.

  4. After perusing the website, I believe my very creative daughter would love ALL of their products. However, I would most love to try Cartooning for her during this summer, as you mentioned. Thanks for a great review!

  5. I have a 9 year old cartoon fanatic son who would absolutely LOVE this DVD! He’s been drawing cartoon monsters since he was 6. What do you usually do for art for your kids throughout the year? I’ve never been very good at art and didn’t really do anything formal for our homeschool art during this past year (our first year homeschooling). I found out recently that our local YMCA has homeschool classes, including art and drama, so I plan to sign him up for those in the fall. We also have access to the Glassell School at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, but it takes us about an hour to get there, so we haven’t tried that yet.

  6. I’m an artist and most people assume i’m always teaching my kids art. I do instruct them when they ask but we do not have formal “art” time. They are surrounded by supplies and will often take them off the shelf to experiment with but I’m not the one who initiates it. I’ve read several reviews about these DVDs and I’m really impressed. This DVD would be our favorite. My son has been working on his own cartoon/newspaper he calls “(his name)’s News”. He kept asking me to draw the eyes on his characters because they were hard. I showed him a reference book I had but this DVD would be a great resource!

  7. My boys would so love the cartooning!! They are constantly doodling their own cartoons anyways! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  8. Wow, it all looks amazing! I have a natural art-sy 5 yr old son. He’s constantly pulling out my printer paper and grabbing a pen to draw something. They turn out surprisingly well! Any of these items would be great. But narrowing it down would be the beginner art classes, the cartooning, or the Shipwrecked combo (this looks like something BOTH my boys would love).

  9. My girls would LOVE the cartooning DVD! They spend a lot of time trying to re-create their favorites from television and I think this would help them with that, and be a fun project they could work on when they get “soooo bored”!!!!!! This really sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  10. The Bible Stories ones are amazing and I would love to do them. All of them are great looking though

  11. These look great! I think my kids would like all of these, but we’d probably most want to try the Cartooning DVD. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Our boys would love the Art Projects-Cartooning. They enjoy drawing comic strip type stories and I know this would go well with that. I’ve never seen this product, but after reading the reviews I am sold!

  13. Our whole family would enjoy this Cartooning DVD. I think it would make a great family night activity!

  14. I think my daughter would like the basics (she is 6 years old) and my 9 year old son would like the Color Blending Techniques.

  15. My daughter would love any of the See the Light DVDs. She loves art & was showing promise in her PS art club. However my son is not so interested in art, but I think he would also like the Cartooning DVD. These DVDs would be a perfect way for me to include art into our homeschool.

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