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If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you may remember “Charlotte,” the writing spider (a.k.a. yellow garden spider) that we had in residence for about six weeks on a bush outside our house two years ago. If you’ll recall, she even left an egg sac, which I have accused Brian of accidently destroying while cleaning up. The egg sac never hathed because it got knocked down, but now Charlotte’s back! Yes, I realize that it isn’t the same spider, but she has made her web in the exact same spot the the orginal Charlotte did! How cool is that??

So, I’ve already made sure that Brian knows that the new Charlotte is not to be disturbed. Yes, she’s huge. Yes, she’s creepy. But, she’s also a really cool science experiment! She’s already caught a huge praying mantis that we’ve been watching her dine on (ewwww!) today. I’m hoping that there will be another egg sac when this Charlotte leaves so that we can try again to observe it until the baby spider emerge…and hopefully go quickly on their merry little way, just as they did in the movie! LOL
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  1. I remember Charlotte! My MIL had a couple Charlottes of her own. Their webs are so neat but I never got to see them dine on a praying mantis. You’re a lucky girl! 😉

  2. LOL…I looked at the picture before I read your blog and thought, “There’s Charlotte!”
    I think it’s cool.

  3. A spider, a snake, a puppy, a hermit crab … What’s the total creature count at your house? LOL


    Love Charlotte.

  4. Yikes! They have Charlottes in GA too? We were plagued with them in FL. Looking at the picture made me wiggle a little in my seat.

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