Snow Day!

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Yesterday, we had an extremely rare snow day.  See, we live in the South where we rarely get snow.  We don’t take off every time our local school system closes because they’ve been known to cancel school because snow is in the forecast only to never have it actually snow.  Yes, it’s crazy.  They never did that when I was in school.  We were always up listening to the radio at 6 AM, hoping we’d be able to crawl back into bed soon.

So, all weekend, the weather reports had been talking about the fairly big snow we were expected to get.  Poor Brian went into the grocery store Saturday to pick up a bag of mozzarella cheese for me and had to stand in line behind the three million people buying milk, bread and eggs.  You know, so they could have eggs, toast, and milk if they got snowed in.

The kids had been asking all weekend if they’d get a snow day.  At first, I said maybe we’d do a light day, if it snowed.  Then, when it started looking like we might get some significant snow, I told them that if Dad couldn’t get to work, we’d have a snow day.

We woke up to at least six inches of snow.  That’s the most snow we’ve had since the Blizzard of ‘93 when we had 24 inches, so it’s the most snow my kids have ever seen.  Yeah, we got a snow day.

I was going to let everyone sleep in, but once I took the dogs out and saw how much snow we’d really gotten, I had to wake the kids up.  They took off outside to play…after having a breakfast of their first ever snow cream.


They built a snow fort (or started on one anyway) and a snow man (I haven’t gotten a photo of him yet, since his building took place after my one and only foray out into the cold wet mess snow.  The dogs loved it.  The cat hated it.


One thing I love about snow is that it’s so white and bright, anybody can get some great photos and I love these I got of the kids.


Of course, the kids are already asking if we get another snow day tomorrow.  I told them we’re going to have to do at least the basics unless they want to be doing school until June.  It sounds good to take another day off now, but it won’t when we’re ready to be off for the summer.

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  1. I can relate Kim! We live in the South too and it was great to wake up to some REAL snow for a change. Love the pics – enjoy!

  2. We are enjoying snow here too, however this is our 3rd or 4th bigger snowfall of the year. My kids wake up and say great more shoveling. Hope you enjoy your snow it sure can be pretty when it first falls.

  3. We just moved from Tennessee to Illinois and I have to say that seeing Mayfield milk made me smile. We have less snow than you do right now (but it's still falling). Great photos!

  4. Everyone around us was having a snow day but we still did our school work. We had freezing rain! All of us were disappointed that it wasn't actually snow. You can bet that, IF, we ever do get enough snow to play in I'll be the first one out there declaring it a snow day:) The pictures are great and Snow Cream…oh, the memories. Bring on the snow!!

  5. Kris, that's exactly what we did. Yesterday was a snow day (with a bit of math thrown in for fun) and today, after a morning full of sledding, we did our usual. I used the same argument: if you want to be finished by the end of May, we have to get our work done.

    Now they're back out sledding again, so I guess the school day didn't slow them down too much!

  6. I talked to my best friend in Kennesaw, Georgia today and her daughters were off from school due to snow. While we get tons of snow here in NE Ohio, seeing snow down there was quite unusual for them. Even a few inches shuts everything down.


  7. I wanna know how to make snow cream!
    We live in Alaska- sounds like it would be a handy recipe.
    No snow days for us, since snow is normal 8 months out of the year, but we do call "light school day" for any day above zero from Nov-March! (Our normal is -20, and we've seen as cold as 68 below zero!)

    will you post how to make snow cream?

  8. Love that- I wish for those very few & far between snow days so I can have an excuse to let the kids take a break from chores & we can play in the snow & bake all day long. Those are some happy days.

  9. Here in Alabama, we got 8" and it is STILL here. While it is beautiful, it completely shuts us in because no one can drive in it. LOL

    Love your snow shots, especially the kids and your adorable cat.

    Stay warm!

  10. @Moose — Snow cream is just snow, milk (regular or sweetened condensed), vanilla extract, and sugar (granulated or confectioners, though we found that confectioners seems to work better). You just mix everything until it has the taste and consistency of homemade ice cream. No measurements, just dump stuff in until it tastes right.

    You might can find actual measurements though a Google search, but we just mix and taste.

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