10 Spring Activities You Should Start Planning Now

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If you were here with me, you could see me doing my happy dance. It’s almost spring! The weather is even starting to feel very spring-like in my area. That means there are several spring activities you should start planning now. Don’t be a procrastinator like me. You don’t need that stress.

10 Spring Activities You Should Start Planning Now

1. Homeschool graduation. If you have a high school senior this year or you’re on your homeschool group’s planning team, it’s time (maybe a bit past time if you’ve got a big group) to start planning your graduation celebration. If this is your first time graduating a student, check out my tips on how to plan a homeschool graduation to get you started.

2. Spring fair. A spring fair is an excellent – and educational – way to combat spring fever. I’ve got tips on how to plan a spring fair, as well as 25 spring fair ideas if you need them.

3. End-of-the-Year party. When my kids were younger, two annual parties were always set in stone – the (Not) Back-to-School party and the End-of-the-Year party. Homeschool group parties are easy to plan – at least, when you do them in a low-key, WUHS style. You do need to start thinking about a venue now, though. Places tend to book up quickly in the spring.

4. Show and tell. Plan a homeschool show and tell for your homeschool group to give students of all ages an opportunity to share some of the highlights of their school year. Choose a venue and allow students to display projects, reports, artwork, etc. to friends and relatives.

5. Senior trip. If you’ve got a graduating senior, be thinking about a senior trip. This could be a family trip or a trip for a group of teens. We took our oldest to Washington D.C. the spring before graduation and we all had a fantastic time.

10 Spring Activities You Should Start Planning Now

6. Field trips. Another way to combat spring fever and celebrate the impending conclusion of another school year is with some fun, outdoor field trips. Start planning them now! Check out my field trip planning tips and field trip ideas for middle and high school students.

7. Used book sale. Homeschool families are wrapping up their school years and cleaning off their shelves to make room for next year’s homeschool curriculum. Late-spring or early-summer are fantastic times to host a used book sale for your homeschool group.

8. Spring break trip. Even if you don’t have a senior, you might want to take your family on a spring break trip (on a different week than most of the public schools unless you enjoy dealing with crowds). If you’re going to be near the Smoky Mountains, you might like some of these homeschool-friendly spring break ideas.

9. Nature study. Spring is one of my favorite times of year for nature study. Start planning now to take full advantage of studying birds, bees, and butterflies, along with a variety of plant and animal life.

10. Spring unit studies. Spring is also one of the best times for some fun, outdoor-themed unit studies. Consider studying severe weather (such as tornadoes – and how to stay safe in the event of one), parts of a flower, gardening, insects, etc.

What are some of the spring activities you or your homeschool group are currently planning for?

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  1. We’ve had warmer weather the past few weeks and been soooo excited! Somehow, the thought of spring is giving us all a ton more excitement to get ahead in the curriculum so we can do more field trips soon!!

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