Sweet Shot Tuesday: The Owl

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So, we went to an area park this weekend, late in the evening so we could watch for deer and enjoy driving around in Brian’s convertible (which we can only do if one of the kids isn’t with us…Megan had spent the night with my mom which, in the summer, pretty much guarantees we’re going to take the Mustang out for a drive).  So, we were looking for deer when Brian spotted what he thought was a hawk flying overhead.

Nope.  It was a huge owl!  And, he very kindly perched on a nearby branch, waited patiently while I fiddled with camera settings, and posed for us.

The Owl

Isn’t he gorgeous?  That was definitely my favorite shot of the week.  Two close seconds were the following:

The Rose
Tea Set
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  1. That owl shot is amazing!!! The only place I've ever come close to a shot like that is at a wildlife sanctuary in Florida. That doesn't even come close to what you got to experience and capture!

  2. How'd you get that owl to pose? We had one on our house and he kept looking the other direction …

    Fabulous job! You captued the handiwork of God.

  3. @ Debi — My husband whistled at him! I'd already taken a couple of pictures of his back because I was sure he'd fly off when we made noise, but he didn't; he just turned around to see what it was.

  4. We have a barred owl couple that live in our forest. They watch the in the house. It's kinda crazy. We've grown pretty fond of them.

    They are so gorgeous, and your capture is amazing! I love owls! Sswwweeeeeet shot, for sure.

  5. Who knew that whistling was the key? That is an awesome shot!

    That last pic with the books. 🙂 What's that normal book about?

  6. He is beautiful. How fun to see an owl in the 'wild'. We just saw one at a zoo on Friday and I guarantee you it isn't the same.

  7. I just wanted to chime in and say that I am really enjoying all of the photos on your blog lately. Also, the shot of the owl would make an awesome postcard or greeting card–it is so striking!

  8. How neat that the owl just stared. Makes me want to go all Owl Moon in the forest 🙂

    I like the stacked books with the plate and cup too. Lovely!

  9. i love love the owl.. never see them around here.. I am writing a short story about one though…

  10. All of these are gorgeous shots, but I do especially love the owl. I've been wanting to get my falconers license so I can own one. Maybe some day…

  11. I got to have a "trained" barred owl land on my hand. They ARE beutiful. and VERY VERY soft. Random fact from the Falconers that had her- artists have failed to replicate the exact barring pattern. if they spread their wings, the bars are still perfectly straight from wing tip to wing tip.

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