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Teenagers. Yesterday, I only had one. Today I have two.

Birthday Cake

How does the time go so quickly? I can still vividly recall minute details of the day Josh was born. How can there possibly be 13 years between then and now? How can I be mom to this man-child who is already nearly the size of his dad? Seriously, the kid is already 6 feet tall.

Josh 13

Sometimes he tries my patience and tests the ends of its limits, but he’s a good kid. Thoughtful. Sensitive. Musical. Intelligent. Inquisitive. Resourceful. Talented. Hands-on. Polite. Witty. Sarcastic. Loving. Funny. Mechanical. Unique. Christian.

Words that describe my boy. Happy 13th Birthday, Josh!

And, thank you, Lexercise, for this moment:

Birthday Card

He didn’t stumble over a single word as he read his birthday card.

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  1. Happy birthday to Josh!

    Alarming how fast it goes, isn’t it? One of mine will be 21 on his next and I keep thinking – that can’t be right – I’m only about 25!

  2. Happy Birthday to your guy! I will have two teenagers on Wednesday. That whole thing about “how can time have gone by so quickly?”…totally get that!!

  3. I know!! My daughter will be 13 in April. She’s taller than me, where’s a larger shoe size and can operate mosat electronics better than I can!! 😉 Crazy how fast they grow up!

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