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So, I was in Walmart yesterday. Our local store has started carrying reusable grocery bags for $1 each. Now, I’m not really very environmentally-conscious, but this is something that even I can do without much effort. So, it was my plan to buy a few bags over the next couple of shopping trips until I had enough for my weekly grocery trips. I figured that the bags will come in handy for those trips to Aldi, too.

So, I bought five this week. When I got to the check-out, I put the bags at the front of my other stuff so the cashier could ring them up, then, fill them. She rang them up…then, proceeded to fold them up and put them in a plastic bag! I had to laugh (to myself…not to her face. I’m not that rude! lol). I told her that I wanted to go ahead and use the bags. So, she filled them up, handed me my receipt and I headed for the door…where I was promptly stopped by the greeter guy who wanted to see my receipt. I handed it to him. He looked at it, then, looked in my cart and said, “So, you’re just going to load all your stuff up in those bags, huh?”

Um, hello??? Isn’t that what they’re for? I really think Walmart needs to send a memo out to its employees, instructing them about what to do if their customers actually attempt to use the reusable grocery bags that they now sell. It’s been suggested to me, by more than one person, that I might want to carry this week’s receipt in my purse, so that I don’t get arrested for shop-lifting next time I attempt to use my bags.

Speaking of shop-lifting, I think Megan thought I was going to be thrown to the ground and hand-cuffed in the middle of Walmart yesterday. I had a killer headache (caused by spending an hour and a half bowling with two very disobedient children who shall remain nameless, but to whom I’ll refer as “J” and “M” and for whom watching TV is no longer a privilege), so I stopped at the McD’s in Walmart and got a giant sweet tea, then, went straight back to the pharmacy section where I picked up a bottle of Tylenol. I immediately opened said Tylenol and took two. I thought Megan was going to call the police on me herself! She was absolutely appalled that I would open the package and take two pills before actually paying for it. For crying out loud, I was planning on purchasing them. Silly child!

 Two weeks later…
I took the reusable back to Wal-mart on my next shopping trip. The greeter was at least a little in the know. She asked if they were returns, but didn’t give me a hard time or seem confused when I told her that they weren’t. I gave them to the cashier when I went to check out and told her that they were already paid for and I was going to use them. She looked at me a little oddly…then, started to stick them in a plastic bag! Once I convinced her that I intended to use them for my purchases, though, she was pretty cool. That girl knew how to pack some bags!! They were heavy, but she got all my stuff into five bags. No bags with a single item like they do with the plastic bags.

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  1. ROFL! I agree a memo is in order.

    My kids think it’s normal (isn’t it?) to eat or drink stuff in the store and then have the cashier ring up the empty wrapper. 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out how to weigh the grapes that Matthew sneaks while he’s riding in the cart. LOL

  2. Btdt!! With Tylenol, and I’ve also grabbed a bottle of Diet Coke out of one of those coolers near the checkout lines, drank it while shopping, and then had the cashier ring up the half empty bottle. My kids pay that no attention, but it always gets me an eye roll from my dh! LOL!

  3. I think you had better keep that receipt on hand! Many years ago, when I suppose I must’ve looked less respectable, lol, I bought one of those bags and then was given the third degree the next time I used it! Apparently, it didn’t look dirty enough to have been previously purchased. This (older) checkout lady totally thought I was stealing the canvas bag. Puleez. Now though, they have sense enough to attach a tag to it so that it’s more obvious if it is for purchase or for use.

    And LOL about the Tylenol.

  4. I just can’t figure out which children you are talking about at bowling haha. Tylenol doesn’t work on headaches for me I take Motrin like 4 of them. I hope you’re feeling better this weekend.

  5. (LOL)
    That cracks me up..
    Yeah, you better have your receipt. You NEVER know.
    I looked for them but didnt see them, are they at the registers?


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