Thursday Thirteen: My Bucket List

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Thirteen Things on My “Bucket List”

1. Visit Australia! I’ve been infatuated with Australia since I first heard Tristan Rogers speak on General Hospital when I was about 12. (Yes, I am aware of how sad that is *and* of the fact that I just dated myself.) I watched “The Thorn Birds” because it was set in Australia. I even had a wonderful pen-pal from Bridgewater, Victoria named Megan. Um, the girl in “The Thorn Birds” was named Megan…and, sadly, this infatuation is probably why I have a daughter named Megan today. If you happen to know a girl named Megan from Bridgewater, Victoria whose maiden name was Wheelhouse, tell her Kris said, “Hi!”.

2. Write a book. Yes, it’s my secret (well, I guess not anymore) dream to write a book. I would love to write a historical romance — one set in the Scottish Highlands would be nice. And, Julie Garwood, if you’re reading this (because I know that she probably daily reads the blogs of random would-be authors), you’re my hero! And, you know, if my friends from church are reading this, yes I know that God did not give me a talent (if, in fact, I have one) to write smut, so I’ll keep it clean.

3. Visit Scotland. Yeah, this one is Julie Garwood’s fault, too. I suppose there’s not much chance of me running into a rugged Highlands warrior, wrapped in a plaid, sitting atop some giant, black stallion. My husband wouldn’t like that anyway…and I’m the faithful sort who loves my husband, so it wouldn’t do me any good. Maybe I could take a picture, though (see #13).

4. Be on The Price Is Right. I’m not sure it’s such a big dream anymore now that Bob has retired…but I’d still love to play! And, you fanatics can keep your Plinko…I want to play Cover Up. I *always* win at home.

5. Own an Orange Tabby Cat…and a Boxer Puppy…and Maybe a Yorkshire Terrier. I’ve always said that an orange tabby cat would be my “empty nest” cat. And, I think boxers and Yorkies are the cutest dogs ever, so I’m thinking maybe I need an empty nest pet to represent each kid. 😉

6. Visit New England. Someday I would love to take an autumn drive to this beautiful area of the United States. I would love to see all the brilliant fall foliage as I drive through Amish country, through history-laden Pennsylvania and into Maine for some lobster or clam chowder.

7. Be on The Family Feud. The Family Feud and The Price is Right are basically tied for my two favorite game shows. Again, this one isn’t the same without it’s original host, Richard Dawson and I would probably pass altogether if John O’Hurley were still the host when I got my opportunity. He really gets on my nerves. But, oh, I love the lighting round!

8. Take a Cruise. Disney cruise, Alaskan cruise, Caribbean cruise. I don’t care. I’d just love to go on one. I’ve heard wonderful things about them. And, unless it’s a Disney cruise, I’d love to go with just my husband. I love my kids, but a week alone with my husband sounds wonderful. I would try all the foods — even the exotic ones like escargot and squid.

9. Travel the U.S. in an RV. This is probably incredibly shocking to those who know the “I hate camping, even in an RV” side of me…but seeing the United States first-hand via the back roads and quiet places would be so worth the “camping out” part. If we were independently wealthy, I would so be the “weird homeschooling family” from the movie “RV.”

10. Lose 80 or so pounds. Yeah, this should probably be one of those sooner rather than later things, but it’s so hard. Putting the weight on was much easier than taking it off is proving to be. It doesn’t help that, though I can’t seem to drag myself out of bed to exercise, getting up early to blog is not a problem. I want to be one of those folks on The Biggest Loser…without having a trainer yelling at me and working out until I throw up.

11. Provide Childcare for my Grand Kids. Ideally, my daughters and daughter-in-law will feel called to be stay-at-home, homeschooling moms to their kids. However, if they’re not, I want to be the grandma who keeps all her grand kids (and, hey, I could homeschool them, too) and feeds them chocolate chip cookies. I would love to do this as a blessing to my kids and their spouses, so that they can go about their day knowing that their kids are loved and well-cared for without the financial burden of daycare.

12. Learn Web Design. I have seen some awesome web designs and blog templates lately. I am so envious of the people who have this talent. I would love to learn to do that, both for my own benefit and for possibly earning some income doing something that would thoroughly enjoy doing.

13. Learn Photography. Anybody can take pictures. I want to learn photography — how to capture a thought, a feeling, a moment, a personality with the snap of a shutter. Again, I know some people who are incredibly talented photographers and I envy them their gift.

So, what’s on your bucket list?

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Kris Bales is a newly-retired homeschool mom and the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest founder (and former owner) of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. Kris and her husband of over 30 years are parents to three amazing homeschool grads. They share their home with three dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon, and seven birds.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! I, too, would love to write a book. But who knows when I’d have time for that! 🙂

  2. well i wrote a book once, showed it to my family and promptly got permanent writer’s block coz of how mean they are. it was fun writing it tho.. and as far as learning web design, i learned html and such for my website, but if i had it to do over, i would make my website from wordpress, then you don’t have to know much and the templates are made for you… i took 3 years of photography courses, and now with my digital cam i just set it on auto and point and click, the idea is to get the right cam, recommend Ricoh GRD, happy TT!

  3. I love to read people’s bucket lists!! Australia sounds ideal to me.

    My 13 are listed, I do hope you can find time to stop over! happy thursday

  4. 7 of yours would also be on my list. one of yours i’ve done (owned an orange tabby cat – he lived 14 wonderful years). and one of yours i’m making happen right now (learning photography).

    i would also add driving up the west coast and driving route 66 (in a convertible).

  5. Wow that’s a great list. My bucket list actually includes homeschooling my 2 girls. Both are under 2 right now so I have awhile.. Would you mind me emailing you to see how you got started and at what age?

  6. Great list. I remember when our neighbors in college one a car on price is right. all of a sudden it seemed real.

  7. What a great bucket list. Being on the Price is Right would be amazing. Great TT and thanks for stopping by mine.

  8. 5. I have a Yorkie – trust me, the Yorkie will bully the boxer, get into more trouble than the cat and charm you right into letting it get it’s way!

    8. Yes, everyone should take at least one week long cruise in their life!

    9. I traveled the country in an RV for nearly 20 years doing art shows from coast to coast. It was great the first 8 years.

    12. Learn a little html, some CSS and buy a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web building program – but not Frontpage. Get Dreamweaver if you can afford it.

    I don’t have a bucket list – I don’t want to admit I need one yet, lol!

    Happy TT – Mine is:

    13 Clean Comedians from my Youth

  9. Hey, if you’re ever planning that trip to Scotland let me know and I’ll provide travel advice. I’ve got hunky male relatives over there too, the kilted warrior on a hill I might arrange, but forget the horse part – not likely!

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