Top Ten Ways to Say “I Love You” to a Homeschooling Mom

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Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a homeschooling mom.  And, chances are, if you are a homeschooling mom, you know other homeschooling moms.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to get out of my own little bubble of self-centeredness.  I loved the post about inexpensive ways to bless others at Homegrown Mom recently.  I got to thinking about ways to bless another homeschooling mom.  The following would be the top ten for me, so I’m guessing that another homeschool mom would be blessed by them as well.  What would you add to the list?

1. Give her an Amazon gift card.  Seriously, what homeschool mom wouldn’t enjoy an Amazon gift card?  Whether she used it to off-set the cost of her family’s curriculum or to purchase something for herself, she’d be sure to enjoy free shopping at Amazon.

2. Offer to keep the kids for a day.  Yes, we love our kids and enjoy spending time with them, but a day to ourselves can be heavenly, whether it’s used to catch up on school planning or housework or just as some time to ourselves to read or blog or spend some quiet time with God.  Housework, you ask?  Yeah, that’s not my number one way to spend some free time, either, but, you’ve got to admit, it’s almost relaxing and definitely rewarding to clean house without somebody (or some bodies) messing it up again as quick as you can clean.

And, hey, if you don’t want to be totally altruistic about it, offer to trade off kids for the day — you take your friend’s kids for the morning and she takes yours for the afternoon or you take hers for today, she takes yours tomorrow or one day next week.  That’s a blessing for both of you, even on the days when you have extra kids because you know they usually entertain each other.

3. Send her a goody pack in the mail.  Most homeschool moms I’ve met have strange little love affairs with simple little things, such as pencils, dry erase markers, pens, Sharpies, Post-It notes, notebooks, etc.  Most of those are inexpensive to purchase and to mail.  Who doesn’t love to get an unexpected package in the mail?

4. Give her some chocolate.  Enough said.

5. Send her an encouraging note, preferably via snail mail.  Yes, an encouraging note sent via email or Facebook message is nice, too, but it can be so exciting to get something in the mail besides bills in the mail.  It means that someone thought about you long enough to hand-write a personal note, perhaps even shop for a card in which to write it, address it, put a stamp on it, and put it in the mail to you.  That just makes a mom feel good.

6. Compliment her children.  This one is free, easy, and totally makes a homeschool mom’s — or any mom, really — day.

7. Give her a gift certificate to a grown-up fast food place — with Wi-Fi.  I love having a gift certificate to Panera Bread or Jason’s Deli because my kids don’t like to eat at either place, which tends to ensure that I’m going to work out a little time alone at some point in the future, either while waiting for the kids to finish up an outside class or while my husband spends some time with the kids.  And, if the place has Wi-Fi, all the better — a little alone time and some peace and quiet to read my favorite blogs.

8. Give her credit for the used book store.  We have an awesome used book store in our area that gives trade-in credit when you bring in your used books.  You can purchase gift certificates, too.  Homeschool mom heaven.  This would be a low-cost option for blessing another homeschool mom if you had some things to trade in and wanted to pass along the credit to her.

9. Take her a casserole.  Make extra for dinner one night or just plan on putting together a casserole for a friend.  Can you just imagine the blessing of an unexpected night off from cooking?

10. Invite her out to lunch.  Do you have kids close in age?  Why not let them enjoy a play date while the moms enjoy some adult conversation?  Visit a restaurant with a play area for kids.  Even chuck E. Cheese is relatively peaceful during school hours on a weekday.

What ways to bless a homeschool mom could you add to the list?

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  1. Great list…I just read it to my hubby. He brought me a small pot of mums today so "I could draw them in my journal". I thought that was the most thoughtful little gesture ever.

    Starbucks cards….my favorite gift card. I have a friend that will bring over a cup of coffee and a pastry from a local bakery mid-morning and that is heavenly when it happens. She stays just long enough to drink coffee and then she takes off. It is a nice break without taking too much time.

    I also love those "girlfriend" kinds of greeting cards that have the really long narrative poems. Yes, getting them in the mail is always a nice surprise.

    My daughter does my grocery shopping for me sometimes and I love that break from the mundane chore. She thinks it is fun to fill up the cart and pay using someone else's money. 🙂

    Anyway, those are some of my ideas to add to your really excellent list.

  2. What?!? I'm not the only freak obsessed with post it's and sharpies? What a relief!

    I love these ideas, and I'm glad you enjoyed my post 🙂 The only thing I can think to add would be coffee. But I'm weirdly obsessed with that, too.

  3. Love it! My brain is fried right now so I can't think of anything to add…but I will come back if I think of something! Now…off to find some chocolate! 😉

  4. I have an addiction to all things mentioned….pens, post-its and markers. Just ask my husband, he banned me from Staples!

  5. Great, great article, Kris! We will definitely be spreading the word about this one today! These are some good things to do for ANY mom. – Ryan from Alpha Omega Publications

  6. Mmmm, a gift card to Panera would rock my world. Or to Starbucks. Or Amazon. Or Office Depot. 🙂 Love dry erase markers and folders and three-ring binders and… My sister did #9 for me once and that was WONDERFUL!! I love the idea of help with dinner anytime! Great post!

  7. awesome post!
    i love all of the ideas, and only want to add a few things:
    a gift card for a place that dad and mom can enjoy together. movies, bowling, dinner, etc.
    an offer to swap babysitting for parents' dates. 🙂
    so glad i found your blog today!
    God bless!!

  8. It's a great list.

    I'd add "arrange an evening get-together." I love meeting other homeschool moms (or any moms) for coffee or tea after dinner. Even better if it's at a cafe attached to a bookstore for browsing together.

  9. What a sweet idea! My dear friend and fellow homeschooling mom sent home cookies with my boys from bowling league last Saturday. That simple act of kindness has brought a smile to my face so many times since!


  10. Ooohhhhh Post It Notes!!!! Hehe. I especially love 1, 7 & 8. Except for me (in case anyone's taking notes :D) it would have be Atlanta Bread Company, cause there is no Panera where I am. 🙁

  11. Thank you for a great post. It's odd how you hear similar things several times in random places at one time. I just heard about being kind and at leat 2 other bloggers are on this topic too. It can be so easy to make someone's day and we aren't always very good at it. Thanks for the list. I'd love an Amazon voucher – my wish list is always soooo long!
    God bless you!

  12. I want a book store gift card!!! I would love to just meander and purchase without thinking about how buying a book eats into our budget…

  13. Awesome list! I could definitely use a few of these right now. In lieu of packages in the mail, I will also happily accept office supply gift cards. Oh, I would also add Target, because of that bargain bin section where I'm always finding some little thing for school.

  14. Great ideas!

    A friend once sent me a pack of CDs she created – some homeschool reference materials, classic music selections and downloads. It cost her very little and it has been such a blessing!

    I love kits. A craft/ sewing/ home decor kit would be lovely!

  15. Great list! I have a friend who picks up my 4 yr. old daughter once a week for a playdate. It's wonderful! Love it, too, when my husband comes home and takes all 3 kids down to the basement to play before bed so I have the upstairs to myself for an hour.

  16. Well, no, I don't tend to think of that since we don't have any school teachers in our lives, but you're right. The ideas work for any kind of teacher.

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