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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Teens and Tweens

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If you’ve got older kids, try these fun, simple Valentine’s day ideas for teenagers (and tweens) to make the day special for your family.

We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day around here. That’s probably mostly due to poor planning on my part. However, I always remember my mom having a card and a heart-shaped box of candy on the table for us on Valentine’s morning, so I do try to do something like that for the kids. Sometimes I get a bit more elaborate but not often.

We used to do a homeschool Valentine’s Day party, but as the kids have gotten older, exchanging little paper cards with their friends has lost its appeal.

valentines day ideas for teenagers

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Teens and Tweens

I still think there are some simple things parents can do to make Valentine’s Day special for our teens.

1. Make a special breakfast.

The chocolate crepes I made one year were a big hit – and looked so Valentine-y. (We eat gluten free, but you can substitute King Arthur Gluten Free Flour for the regular flour in the recipe.) Chocolate chip pancakes are a good option, too. And, if you don’t eat gluten free, you can probably even get away with store-bought cinnamon rolls. The meal doesn’t have to be elaborate to be special – just something that your kids like but don’t get very often.

2. Give them a homemade coupon book.

Homemade coupons are very popular in our house. For a teen, coupons could include:

  • Breakfast date with Mom or Dad
  • Skip a chore
  • Take a day (or an afternoon) off school
  • Choose the family movie
  • Get the meal of your choice
  • Choose a game to play with Mom or Dad
  • Get a ride to the mall (or wherever else) for you and a friend

What would y’all add?

3. Leave them love notes.

They may act all grown and independent, but teens still need to hear – often – that you love them. Leave them notes to let them know how much you love them. Hide the notes in:

  • Books they’re reading
  • Video game cases
  • Dresser drawers
  • Pockets of their favorite jeans

You might even try this fun “heart attack” idea.

4. Prepare dinner as a family.

Preparing dinner as a family is a great way to enjoy one another’s company. Keep it simple so that it’s fun, not stressful Put one person in charge of salad and another in charge of rolls while someone puts together the main course and someone tackles dessert.

valentines day ideas for teenagers

5. Spend time with them.

Sometimes we think of Valentine’s Day as a day of romance with our spouses. That’s not bad, but until our kids have their own spouses, I want to be their “significant other.” That means I want to make sure to spend time with them on Valentine’s Day, too.  I’ve shared some ideas on how to spend one-on-one time with teenagers, but most of those ideas could also make great family activities.

6. Get them a card and a little box of candy.

That little “card and a box of candy” thing? Yeah, I still remember that. It’s a simple touch that can build lasting memories. Sometimes, I skip the heart-shaped box of candy and just get the kids’ favorite kind of candy with a card. Other times I place their cards in their spots and spread an assortment of candy on the table for everyone.

If you didn’t plan ahead and buy valentines for your kids, there are plenty of beautiful printable ones to choose from! I’ll share some below. (Note: Some of these will be good for your children, and others may work better for your spouse. Since these are collections, you can choose which ones to print or print the whole collection and give some to your kids and some to your spouse.)

It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Just do something to let your kids know you’re thinking of them and you love them.

Do you have any special Valentine’s traditions with your teens (or kids in general if you don’t have teens)?

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  1. love your ideas, we dont do much either. I bought the kids and hubby each something small that i thought they would like for their hobbies and we use valentines as an excuse to make an extravagant meal that wouldnt make any other time. this year we are making tiramisu mousse, and the kids are asking for fettucine alfredo.

  2. This year, I’ve ordered a bouquet of Valentine cake pops from a local gal. I’m forgoing the typical candy box and am going to surprise them with the bouquet on the table. We received $ at C.mas to go out for a nice dinner. Since we never do this, I think we’ll use it to go out as a family on Valentine’s and make it really special.

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